Last year I thought this is it. We raised $22,000 and that is the best we are ever going to get selling good stuff cheap. There is only so much stuff and so many people to buy the stuff. But I was wrong. We had another record breaking year at the 15th annual Gettysburg United ~ Give It Up For Good Sale on Memorial Day weekend. For two weeks, 200 volunteers gave it up for good, working 800 hours to collect, sort, clean, display, price and sell a record-breaking 36 tons of Gettysburg College surplus and student donations, and raised a record breaking $23,500 for the United Way Community Impact Fund which funds health and human service programs and initiatives in Adams County.

We can't thank our Gettysburg College sponsor enough, Jim Biesecker, director of Facilities Planning & Management and his exceptional staff: his amazing assistant, Ruth Miller, for whom I am forever grateful; Patty Braun and her Moving and Summer Conference Teams; Eric Richardson and his Groundskeeping Team; Melissa Runk and her Housekeeping Team; and, Student Recycling Interns, McKenzie Somers (2020) and Gloria Norcross (2019), amazing young women who are destined to do great things. Of course, this would never happen without the Athletic Dept. who entrusted the Hauser Field House to us for two weeks. And a special shout out goes to Public Safety who donated dozens of bikes this year.

The River Rock Academy team provided the young muscle needed to pick up tons of donations. ACCF Work Release teams provided the daily manly man power. We had lots of community volunteers: Lin Ackerman, Deb Anders, Don and Jean Bair, Brooke Brenner, Julie Brooks Dottie Cairns, Millie Coshun, Pam Curley, Kathy Delaney Linda Hagee, Christy Johnson, Elizabeth, Robert and Eliza Kellett, Michelle Kuhn, Helen Miley, Rhonda Miller, Bicky Redman, Bernie Ricketts, Hitomi Shimose (who created the beautiful Asian culinary baskets), Hannah Slimmer, Tori Spangler, Ryley Scheer, Charles Snyder, Katherine Volk, Mary Wilson, Kathyrn Yaroschuk, and many more.

We had volunteer teams from businesses and organizations including Gettysburg College and Adams County Children & Youth Services - Independent Living Program and Project Hope. The Pike Restaurant, Gettysburg Rental Center and Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary hosted our sale signs this year and the YWCA lent us their Nearly New clothing racks.

Our sale volunteers are seasoned veterans. Our brave cashiers and baggers were Ashley Andyshak-Hayes, Kathy Gaskin, Bev Grazulewicz, Christy Johnson, Cindy Keeney, Anne Marie Logue, Stephani Maitland, Ruthmary McIlhenny, Helen Miley, Jess Rudy, Mary Wilson and Leah Woodward. Our early bird greeters were Becky Beegle, Bill Gilmartin, Jane Gwyn and John Rudy. Our money counters were Harry Hartman, Mike Jackman and Meghan Riordan. Our floor and door monitors were Diana Fasnacht, Michelle Kuhn, Erin Messinger, Rhonda Miller and Ruth Miller. Our manly men and womanly woman movers were Leah Bernier, the Biesecker Clan - Jim, Alex, Emily, Diana, Cole and Tom, Henry Carter, Denis Devine, Tori DiMisa, Maria Fasnacht, Mark Grazulewicz, Josh Hall, Alex Hayes, Kovan Leatherman, Alex Paz, Mark and Taylor Reneker, Darrin St. Clair, and Bob Witt.

Whether you donated, volunteered or shopped, thank you! Over the past 15 years, we've recycled 386.5 tons of stuff and raised $281,00 for Adams County! Great things happen when you give it up for good!

Vickie Corbett is the executive director of United Way of Adams County.

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