My kids are my life and I have always loved being a mother. Now that my son is married, I hope I can shower grandmotherly affection on someone other than my current “grand dogs” in the future. One thing I have never liked about motherhood is the anxiety it can cause. Are my kids eating right, are they safe, are they getting enough sleep, will they make good decisions, are they learning from their mistakes? These are just a few questions that have run through my mind since I had my son in the 1990s. By far the most important worry for me has been who will take care of them when I’m gone? I’ve tried to prepare for their future by buying life insurance, setting up savings accounts, making a will, and opening a 529 account for their education. I can only hope that it will be enough.

Having a child diagnosed with special needs can add to any parent’s typical anxiety. In addition to the things that every parent worries about, special needs parents have more complicated issues to address. Is my child receiving the proper supports in their education/work place, will they be able to live on their own, can they manage money and basic self-care tasks, will someone take advantage of their disability, and what will happen to them once I’m gone? While no one can answer all those questions, I can provide one resource for you to consider when you begin planning for their financial future.

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