You want what’s best for your child but may not know where to start. Start here, www.earlylearninggps.com.

Get started with the Early Learning GPS. The Early Learning GPS can help you guide your child’s growth so he’s safe, happy and learning. It is pretty simple. Answer up to 10 questions about your young child. There are no wrong answers. Just choose the answer that best fits your situation. Watch a short video clip based on your answer and check out links to reliable resources like Pennsylvania’s Office of Child Development and Early Learning.

What’s the Early Learning GPS?

The new Early Learning GPS includes short, easy to watch video tips. Families can also create a free account and personal map for each child to: save your favorite tips and resources, follow your child’s milestones, find fun family activities based on Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards, compare child care/ early learning programs, create to-dos and notes, upload photos of your child and family, and search for local organizations that can provide additional help. You can print out and share information you save to your child’s map with your child’s doctor, teacher as well.

What’s special about the Early Learning GPS?

It’s a great place to start learning how to help your young child grow. The questions address the most important things you should know and can do to help your baby learn and grow. The information is reliable. The information was created in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning and is based on sources like Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards and nationally recognized brain research. Others have spent hundreds of hours pulling together the most useful tips and resources for you.

You go at your own pace. You can start from the beginning or focus on one of the four sections. You can come back as often as you like. Your answers may change depending on the child you are thinking about, a situation, or your mood that day. No tests, no scores. The GPS is about helping you make the right choices for your family, not about testing your parenting skills. Please share this useful information with family, friends, and neighbors.

Diana Fasnacht is the director of Ready to Learn for United Way of Adams County.

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