United Way’s June 18 Gettysburg Times column put a spotlight on the 2019 ”With Heart In Hand” volunteers recognized in the Adult category. Today I share the good works of the volunteers recognized with the Lt. Col. Robert A. Bates Outstanding Senior Award: Sharon Cline Magraw, nominated by Robert A. Witt, Youth Advocate Programs.; and Dot Warrenfeltz, nominated by Lisa Beaver, South Central Community Action Programs.

Sharon Cline Magraw’s mother and role model, Margaret Trew Cline, inspired Sharon to volunteer. In 2017, Sharon was honored by the prestigious Callie award for spending 35 years giving back to the Adams County. Sharon was also honored at the Adams County Arts Council 25th Anniversary Jingle Ball for her support. As a consummate community champion, Sharon continues to stay true to her work, her roots, and her commitment to her mother’s volunteerism, as well as her lifelong commitment to Adams County. This is her eighth consecutive year serving on the Adams County Community Foundation’s board. She currently serves as the Secretary, as well as on the Distribution and Ambassador subcommittees, and volunteers at the annual Giving Spree. Sharon is a volunteer for the HACC Gettysburg Campus Nurse Advisory Board as a lay person and community support person. She also volunteers at the Gettysburg Hospital helping with the End of Life Comfort Care room named in honor of her mother. Sharon is acting president of her mother’s Margaret Trew Cline Foundation; serves on the board of her father’s Thomas L. Cline Foundation; and, is president of her own foundation. Sharon served on the YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County board of directors for eight years in the 1990s and served as an American Heart Association volunteer and a Brownie troop leader. Sharon’s community leadership and volunteerism has had one of the most significant impacts on nonprofits and our community.

In 2011, Dot Warrenfeltz became the volunteer coordinator for the Fairfield Food Pantry. For the past eight years, she has volunteered at the pantry working 40 to 60 hours each month, because she knew she was making a difference in the lives of so many in the Fairfield community. With the support of the Fairfield Mennonite Church, she was able to provide complete meals to hundreds of families each year. Dot leaves no stone unturned to find food donations. She searches wide and far to keep the pantry shelves full. Donors that may have turned down requests from other organizations, can’t refuse her winning smile. Dot wins hearts and the donations roll in. When you run a food pantry, you must have a level of compassion that many others don’t have. You must have a love for your fellow man that puts you on the same level as everyone else. Dot treats each person she meets with respect and dignity; and instills in then the understanding that each person has value.

Stay tuned next week for “With Heart In Hand” Spotlight – Part III. Yes, great things happen when we live united. Give. Advocate. Volunteer.

Vickie Corbett is the executive director of United Way Of Adams County.

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