As I continue to explore possibilities for our citizens with disabilities and what their futures hold, I realize how much of this can be addressed from a very early age. We all learn from example if we create a life around activity and being involved it will eventually become part of our daily routine not just for our children but for us as well. Engaging your child with disabilities in everyday life is important we need to show them how to deal with disappointment, sadness, happiness, love and learning about the emotions we experience and how to process them. One of the best ways is to socialize your child with School activities, sports, Special Olympics, Art studios camps all of these things prepare you and your child for independence. This is a long term process and can’t be achieved overnight you and your child need this time to get through the do’s and don’ts of the process. Pick your battles wisely don’t let your fears hold them back. Here’s a quick quiz…ready? On a daily basis, what is the one thing that you depend on the most but don’t even give a second thought? Here’s a hint, how do you get to work, the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment? If transportation is readily available to you, it is often taken for granted, right up until you don’t have it. Often times, not having transportation makes the opportunity for employment impossible and makes you dependent on the generosity of others to complete simple errands.

For the last three years independence has become a reality to our special needs citizens as Compassion Transport has provided transportation to work, allowing the opportunity to financially support their families and have a sense of accomplishment.

Cancer patients have been driven to their daily treatments which otherwise may have been cancelled due to not feeling well enough to drive. Seniors that no longer drive have regained lost independence and have seen their doctors and gone for lunch with friends at their own convenience rather than when someone was available to drive them. Work-Release inmates from Adams County Correctional Center, along with those who have recently been released have transportation to their places of employment as they begin the process of integrating back into society.

Is lack of transportation keeping you from doing things you want and being all you can be? Compassion Transport Services is ready to make a difference in your life. (717) 688-9498 Now as we get our children ready for independence also begin planning your life of independence, take a trip, relax and enjoy and explore.

Remember to get your tickets for the Fabulous Hubcaps they will be appearing at the Gettysburg fire hall 35 N. Stratton St. Gettysburg on Sept. 21. Tickets are available at Eventbrite or by calling The Arc Office at 717-677-8487 anyone wishing to make a donation or become a sponsor you can donate on our website Thank you.

JoAnn Smith is the executive director of the Arc of Adams County.

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