This is the sixth installment of the spotlight on the 2019 “With Heart In Hand” volunteer award recipients.

Typical Life Adams County Volunteers, nominated by Ruthmary McIlhenny, received the Adult Group Award. Typical Life Corporation (TLC) provides support to individuals from York and Adams Counties who are diagnosed with intellectual disabilities to help them to live normal lives and become active members of their community. TLC runs a day program at the Gettysburg Recreation Park, Monday through Friday. The program encourages individuals to improve their own lives through engaging in activities and setting goals. As they work toward their goals, they choose how they spend their time. They are working on not only being in the community but becoming a valued part of our community.

Over the past year, 18 individuals who attend the day program have volunteered on many projects. One of their major volunteer projects was in support of United Way’s 2018 Day of Caring. They stuffed over 400 bags with American Red Cross fire safety information and labeled 1,000 door hangers that were distributed to Gettysburg Borough residents. They also stuffed, labeled, sealed and stamped 2,000 letters that were mailed to Holiday Family Outreach recipients.

TLC volunteers made and delivered dog biscuits for the SPCA and cookies for local police and firefighters who have to work on holidays. They stuffed and organized information bags for the annual medicine “Take Back” program which were distributed to 746 households throughout Adams County. They stuffed swag bags for the Linda Kranias Memorial 5K Race for 308 participants which helped raise $28,000. At the Gardens at Gettysburg, they spent at least 24 hours a week volunteering for a variety of activities, including playing trivia and bingo, participating in sing-a-longs, baking with the residents, painting residents’ nails at the beauty salon, helping plant flowers, and making cards for birthdays and other special occasions. TLC volunteers delivered Meals on Wheels each week to 15-20 home-bound seniors, putting in over 500 hours during the year. Every week TLC volunteers deliver bread and other baked goods donated by Subway and Panera Bread to food banks, senior centers, and program serving people with disabilities.

Through volunteerism, TLC participants learn and improve cognitive skills as they prepare to enjoy more independent and typical lives, and well as give back to their community by helping to improve the lives of others.

Stay tuned for final installment of the 2019 With Heart In Hand Spotlight. Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED! Give. Advocate. VOLUNTEER.

Vickie Corbett is the executive director of United Way of Adams County.

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