I believe that you make the best of your circumstances because that’s the only way to overcome all the unexpected things that happen in life. I know what you’re thinking — I have an overly optimistic and naïve view of the world. Yes and no. In my youth it seemed like nothing ever went my way; but what teen or young adult doesn’t blame someone else for their troubles? Like most people my attitude and reactions have changed as I got older. Many times the motivation to change was brought on by the question of “What do I Do Now?”

As parents we dream of what our children will look like, how they will act, the activities they will participate in, and what we want them to know when they become an adult. Most parents are optimistic and naïve, but they learn over time, that their actual child can be better than the imagined ideal child. For parents who learn that their child has a physical, intellectual, or developmental disability, it can be a greater challenge, but the situation can bring greater rewards.

Ruth Lawrence is the director of the Arc of Adams County.

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