Chucki Strevig


A community can best be evaluated by how it treats its most vulnerable citizen. I hold this belief in the spirit of living in the Adams County community and in working with the diversity we enjoy.

Seven years ago when the Day of Transformation was created we had no idea what a success it would be. With the changes of DOT to a year-round program we find we need to change the process.

When donations were received for the one-day event volunteers were recruited to assist in the sorting process. This task now falls on the volunteer staff of the hospital thrift shop. Therefore, we are asking donors to be extremely discerning in their contributions

1. The clothing should be seasonal. The shop does not have sufficient storage space. Currently we are accepting spring/summer clothing.

2. Items should be neatly folded or on hangers which can be picked up at the thrift shop.

3. Clothing should be stain free. Check specifically the collars and underarm areas. Clothing should be odor-free and not in need of mending. Buttons, size and care tags should be intact and zippers should be working.

4. Shoes and purses should be in optimal condition and unscuffed.

5. Jewelry should be packaged in individual baggies to avoid tangling.

6. Sweaters should not have stretched out necklines or cuffs and should not be snagged or pilled

Organizations that are participating in the voucher referral process are Survivors, South Central Community Action Program, United Way, Wellspan, Harrisburg Aarea Community College Gettysburg Campus. YWCA, Job Ready, Adams County Prison, Agape House, Rescue Mission, C.A.R.E.S., Career Link, and migrant programs. Any other organization who feels their services would benefit from the program may call Chucki Strevig at 717-253-4960.

Begun as a tribute to the late Jennifer Weaver and her commitment to the empowerment of women in Adams County, the committee wishes to extend that influence in the year-round project. The community can facilitate the project by their attention to detail in the donations.

Chucki Strevig is a volunteer with the YWCA Gettysburg & Adams County.

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