There is a fountain of youth! Millions of people have discovered it and it is the secret to feeling better and living longer. It’s called staying active. It is important to find something you enjoy doing and sticking with it. A regular program of exercise and being active can prevent or delay diabetes and heart problems. It can also reduce the pain associated with arthritis, anxiety and depression. Most importantly, it can help seniors stay independent.

There are four main types of exercise. These include endurance activities, strengthening exercises, stretching, and balance. Endurance activities include such things as walking, swimming or riding a bike. These all help to improve the health of the heart and circulatory system. Strengthening exercises help build muscle tissue and reduce age-related muscle loss. An example of one of these types of exercise would be to hold onto a chair, squat down and come back up. Do this five times in a row. Stretching helps to keep your body limber and flexible. You can accomplish this by holding onto a chair and bending the trunk of your body from side to side slowly and gently. The balance exercises can help reduce the risk of a fall. To accomplish this, stand at the sink and march in place for 30 to 60 seconds. Always put a chair behind you for safety.

Ginny Davis is the Community Relations Coordinator for SpiriTrust Lutheran Home

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