Jennie Dillon

Jennie Dillon

Gettysburg is a tourist town. I’ve heard that statement all my life and it really bothers me. Gettysburg is more than just a tourist town. Yes, we all are aware of what happened here July 1-3, 1863, but we are so much more. As a born and bred local I’ve heard the stories, been on the battlefield and have ample knowledge of the battle. So what else is there to do in Gettysburg?

June is filled with so many great things to see and do in our historic town that don’t necessarily focus around the battle. Gettysburg, and Adams County, is becoming known not just for our apples, but also for our wineries. Many of the wineries have events held at their farm or downtown locations. If you want to visit the wineries but would like to leave the driving to someone else, contact the Gettysburg Tour Center and take the Adams County Pour Tour. This tour will take you to the countryside to see the wineries and their vineyards or downtown to visit the many retail wine shops. If wine isn’t your thing, then take a downtown Food Tour (because everybody has to eat, right?). Experience the culinary delights that only Gettysburg has to offer.

So now you’ve had plenty to eat and drink, so why not catch a movie? The Majestic Theater offers wonderful entertainment year round including their lineup of Summer Movie Classics. If you want to experience local talent at its best, then spend an evening taking in a play at the Gettysburg Community Theatre. If you’re interested in art, want to learn how to cook, paint, or learn the fundamentals of belly dance (yes, I just said belly dance) then you need to visit the Adams County Arts Council. Do you enjoy reading? Renew your library card, or sign up for one, and visit the Adams County Library. However, the library does more than just house books. Join them in June for their annual Fun Fest that takes place at the Gettysburg Area Rec Park.

If you’re looking to spend a beautiful, peaceful evening in Gettysburg then you must attend an evening of 100 Nights of Taps. Brought to you by The Lincoln Fellowship of PA, Gettysburg National Military Park, and Taps for Veterans this incredible event is held every day at 7 p.m. at the Soldier’s National Monument in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. As locals, we have the privilege and honor to listen to this beautiful memorial to “these honored dead … for which they gave the last full measure of devotion” every evening through Sept. 2.

As always, GARMA presents First Friday, Gettysburg Style every month. June 7 is the date to be downtown to experience all of the fun filled shopping and surprises that many local GARMA merchants are planning. June’s theme is all about being eco-friendly and recycling. The phrase “think globally, act locally” is practiced by some of our local businesses. Gettysburg Day Spa, Gettysburg Eddies, and Battlefield Bed & Breakfast are just a few who are “green.” Most businesses will proudly advertise as such on their websites or in store. To see what GARMA members are doing for First Friday visit

Hopefully, this helps you plan some fun filled summer days.

Jennie Dillon is the owner of Artworks on York St. and vice president of GARMA.

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