Are wetlands, ponds, and vernal pools the major breeding grounds for mosquitoes? Mosquitoes do utilize these areas for breeding but, healthy wetlands and other water bodies actually help control and reduce mosquito populations, due to the diversity of predatory aquatic life supported in them. Mosquitoes typically will only lay eggs in a couple inches of water, leaving only the edges of ponds and lakes as potential breeding areas. So, ensuring that our various ecosystems stay healthy and preserved can only help us in our defense against mosquitoes. Generally speaking, the major breeding grounds for mosquitoes are habitats that we have either altered or created. Helping people gain the knowledge to eliminate mosquito habitat around their home can be our best defense because it eliminates mosquito production sites. Some things to look for and do around your property:

· Turn over plastic wading pools when not in use.

Submitted on behalf of the Adams County Conservation District.

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