Collaborating for Youth (CFY) is a community coalition, focused on “Supporting What Works in Adams County.” Our coalition of over 35 partners and agencies is committed to Resilience as well as supporting positive futures for youth, now for almost 20 years. Established in 2001, we are a successful Drug Free Communities Agency and support various projects designed to build resilience in our local communities.

An area of focus for CFY over the past decade has been the cultivation, support, and sustainability of family programs in Adams County. Our efforts sometimes include implementation of programs from our own offices, but oftentimes involve supporting partner agencies in bringing family programs to their locations.

Caregiving, nurturing, and supporting children as we raise them to be healthy adults is arguably the most important role of any community. CFY provides the Strengthening Families Program in several locations across Adams County each year through the generous support of funders like Adams County Children and Youth, York/Adams Drug and Alcohol, and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. This is a program linked to a high degree of validity in research and practice.

An important point about programs like Strengthening Families (Familias Fuertes Spanish program) is that family programs are for everyone. We would like to share with the community the questions often asked about family programs in Adams County, supported by Collaborating for Youth in this Q and A:

Q: Do Strengthening Families/Familias Fuertes Programs have a cost to families?

A: There are no costs for these programs thanks to support from our funders.

Q: Are these programs therapy?

A: No. These are opportunities to build family communication and help in transitions from childhood to adolescence. They are open to anyone.

Q: Why do these programs work?

A: They are proven to work based on their content, but really they seem to work because they provide a sense of community where it is oftentimes missing. Families just need to reconnect and acknowledge the importance of being a family.

Q: How can I enroll or find out more?

A: Call CFY’s Family Programs line at 717-338-0300. We have new groups starting all the time.

For more information on Collaborating for Youth and our partner agencies, check us out at Together, we are building lasting change and a sense of community in Adams County.

Beth Shipley, director of Family Programs at the Center for Youth and Community Development is involved in the recruitment and community support efforts surrounding families at CFY. Her background in prevention and counseling support principles of community learning and caregiving. Beth lives in Adams County with her husband Evan and daughter Harmony.

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