On Tuesday, Jan. 28 we had an amazing event to raise awareness of issues with criminal justice. Cassandra Demps bravely shared her story of how she became involved in the criminal justice system.

I have known Cass for a long time. She is a persevering woman and a great mom. Two of her children have graduated from college and one is currently in college. All of her children are thriving and Cassandra raised her wonderful children as a single mom, working two jobs. She shared with us that money was always tight, and in her struggle to pay her bills she allowed her insurance to lapse. She ended up losing her license because she drove without insurance. She tried to make arrangements with family and friends, and it worked for a little while, but two jobs were a lot of travel for others to take on and support faded. Cass had to pay her bills and care for her children, so she drove, was caught again and that extended her license suspension.

Megan Shreve is the CEO of South Central Community Action Programs Inc. Its mission is to: Empower families and engage the community to pursue innovative and effective solutions to break the cycle of poverty.

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