One of the core values of the Adams County Farmers Market Association (ACFMA) is that we believe farmers markets are a great catalyst for entrepreneurial opportunities and can cultivate the growth of new business in a community or region. A farmers market helps small business owners achieve lots of direct-to-consumer sales while also being a great venue to promote and test new products. We’ve certainly seen this positive trend many times at our own market, and we continually welcome new agribusiness startups into our roster of vendors.

This season, the ACFMA is continuing to uphold our value of strengthening small businesses in a brand new way, by holding our first Young Entrepreneurs Day event at the market. For this event, young people (up to age 15) are invited to set up at our farmers market, alongside our regular vendors, to sell their own products and creations. We are glad to offer a platform for these talented youths to not only make sales, but also promote their own emerging businesses and learn the importance of recording valuable sales data. Our hope is that this brief foray into salesmanship will help encourage Adams County’s next generation of business leaders, and inspire them to assume greater responsibility in the community.

The energy around this event so far has been fantastic; over twenty young people have signed up to participate with products ranging from handmade accessories, jewelry, and headbands all the way to baked goods, granola, and specialty drinks infused with ‘magic.’ Other participants use lathes to craft items out of wood, work with terracotta, or even make custom “slimes” for other kids. Clearly, Young Entrepreneurs Day is more than just an opportunity for these children to earn their own money making sales but also a great chance to display their talents, abilities, and creativity.

Young Entrepreneurs Day is coming on the heels of another big event we had last month, which was Kids Day. Kids Day was incredible; well over 1,000 people attended and over 115 children participated in the learning games and activities that we offered. We intend to use that momentum and the community’s tremendous support to make Young Entrepreneurs Day a comparable success.

Young Entrepreneurs Day will be held on Saturday, July 27, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 103 Carlisle St., Gettysburg. You can find more information about Young Entrepreneurs Day, as well as a complete list of upcoming events, on our website and Facebook page. Additionally, if there are any young people in your life who you think would be interested in participating, please direct them to our website: Today, July 15, is the last day to submit applications. I encourage everyone to come out and show support for these awesome young people. I’m certain you’ll be impressed with what these budding business professionals have to offer.

Reza Djalal is the market manager for the ACFMA, and an Adams County native who currently lives in Gettysburg. To offer comments or for information about upcoming events, contact him at

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