Jane Malone

Jane Malone

“Father, brother, husband, son, vote for Amendment One.”

This call was extended to all male voters in Pennsylvania in 1915. An amendment, Number One, was on the November ballot to give the women of Pennsylvania the right to vote in state elections. If passed, Pennsylvania would join that special group of 18 suffrage states that already allowed women to vote in state elections. To be successful, a majority of voters in the state had to vote “yes” for the initiative, but in 1915 all voters were men. The women in all the Pennsylvania suffrage organizations needed something to catch the attention of male voters who then might then be convinced of the fairness of women’s suffrage. In Pennsylvania, it was suggested that a replica of the Liberty Bell be sent on a tour of the state to act as the “lure.” Katherine Wentworth Rauschenberger, a leader in the Women’s Suffrage Party of Chester County, loved the idea. She was a woman of means. She decided to order and pay for the replica.

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