Jennie Dillon


A New Year brings about new resolutions (or familiar resolutions that we forget by the end of each January but swear we’ll follow through on next year). I think my biggest resolution will be that I will take some time for myself. I started the new year with sinusitis. Not a great way to start 2020, let alone each and every day. About this time of year, I’ve run out of steam and my body and illnesses catch up to me. However, I have so many people I need to thank for making this Gettysburg holiday season one of the most beautiful we’ve had.

Gettysburg Area Retail Merchants Association (GARMA) starts the holiday season with the annual tree lighting festival the day after Thanksgiving. In chronological order, this is what happens to make it all a success. The first thank you goes to Leonard Loski (The Gettysburg Experience magazine) for bringing his team of wonderful volunteers to the GARMA shed to check/replace each and every lightbulb on every wreath and tree panel before they are hung for the holidays. This crew is truly a family of friends who have made my light bulb checking day easier for the past two years. I can’t thank them enough. By the time we leave the shed, our hands are filthy and we’ve inhaled a lot of generator gas fumes. I look forward to working with this team again this coming October, but please, let me be the one to buy the chocolate milk and donuts.

Jennie Dillon is the vice president of GARMA, owner of Artworks and office and events manager at Gettysburg Rental Center.

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