Though I have no children or grandchildren to bring excitement about the start of a brand new school year, I love the rhythm of the year that brings newness. As August melds into September and summer reaches for autumn, a fresh season for learning and doing arrives. Students starting the academic year remind us that we, too, have opportunity and possibility, regardless of how far into a year (or a life) we are. If you feel excitement at the coming season, then maybe we can relate to the instinct of birds prepping for the fall migration.

Notice that many birds of a feather have begun flocking together, bulking up (in ounces) for the demanding flight to winter homes. Remarkable, is it not, that birds who hatched this summer know when to make the trip without ever being told, or studying geography, topography, and surviving long-distance flying. By the way: Backyard bird feeders for seed, suet, and thistle will help to fuel migrating birds during the next two months. Don’t forget the water!

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