The following property transfers were filed in Adams County between May 16 and May 22:


Joshua McCowen to Ryan Elmore, 210 Main St., $176,500

Berwick Twp.

Eric Neiderer to Russell Burns, 365 Green Springs Road, $99,900


M&T Bank to BC Enterprise Solutions, 36 E. Hanover St., $118,000

Carroll Valley

Bonnie Lee Butler to Harold Wastler, 31 Peach Tree Trail, $10,000

Jason Jarosz to Michael Vena, 1 Red Bud Trail, $387,000

Steven Haines to Colby Stouffer, 32 High Trail, $205,000

Conewago Twp.

Citigroup to Cash Now, 5585 Hanover Road, $61,250

Finch Trust to Brigitte Wall, 209 Stafford Drive, $319,900

Cumberland Twp.

Jeffrey Cruppo to Cartus Corp., 25 Regiment Drive, $334,500

Cartus Corp. to Joshua Bruce, 25 Regiment Drive, $334,500

Mildred Cunlifee decd extrx to Charleen Group, 9 Brethren Court, $195,000


Thomas Chiarizia to Robert Hensley, 24 Carrolls Tract Road, $235,000

Franklin Twp.

Sec. HUD to Desmond Properties, 995 Old Route 30, $53,500

Kade Wallace to Zachery Wagner, 465 Church Road, $215,000

William Chapman to Regina Connelly, Crooked Creek Road, $34,500

Boyer Nurseries and Orchards to Bruce Kile, Hilltown Road, $169,000

William Parr Jr. to Justin Shetter, 3190 Old Route 30, $135,000

Freedom Twp.

Futurestake to John Stottlemyer, 915 Red Rock Road, $325,000

Raymond Buchheister to Corey Staples, 74 Wenchoff Road, $310,900

Germany Twp.

Lynn Snyder to James Raymond, 6251 Baltimore Pike, $250,000


Sean Gannon to Inchs Properties, 135 York St., $190,000

Stuart McLean to Timothy McLaughlin, 7 Liberty St., $187,500

Christine Dillon to Thomas Daniel Ltd., 135 Buford Ave., $250,000

William Troxell to Bernard Yanetti, 10 E. Broadway, $200,000

Hamilton Twp.

Diane Redding by sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 841 Forest Drive, $1,388.81

Huntington Twp.

Schartman Enterpriese to Randy Wallace, 105 Starner Station Road, $18,000

Latimore Twp.

Edward Connolly to John Coleman Jr., 271 Lake Meade Drive, $52,000


John Kalbskopf to Ryan Airth, 24 Lumber St., $179,000

Menallen Twp.

Rodger Taylor to Rodney Taylor, Brysonia-Wenksville Road, $84,000

Ronald Taylor to Kade Wallace, Brysonia-Wenskville Road, $150,000

Mt. Joy Twp.

Conrad Grzybowski Jr. to Brian Baca, 231 Heritage Drive, $195,000

Richard Miller to Kirk Smith, 107 Longstreet Drive, $49,900

Emerson Muller decd co extrs to Ralph Barbaro, 810 Heritage Drive, $399,000

Satish Shah to Amanda Welch, 947 Heritage Drive, $247,500

George Cole to Bethany Shaffer, 1585 Barlow-Two Taverns Road, $255,000

Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Mitchell Sanders to Joshua McCowen, 298 Stone Bridge Road, $302,000

Nathaniel Buchanan to Daniel Miller, 851 Hancock Drive, $232,900

Bernard Sneeringer to James Wright Jr., 26 W. Hanover St., $135,000

Oxford Twp.

Keren Segarra to Bradley Sellers, 3 Fiddler Drive, $122,500

Palmer Development Group to David Oaster, 40 Onyx Road, $95,500

Elizabeth Lawrence to Kevin Eckert, 25 Trout Lane, $55,000

Marian Cline to Carlos Vergara, 2 Spruce Lane, $130,000

Reading Twp.

Terry Hurd to Kimberly Wine, 417 Lake Meade Drive, $169,899

Straban Twp.

Paul Kellett to Lorenzo Vazquez, 1560 Hanover Road, $45,000

Michale Bencs to Jeffery Ingram Jr., 360 Longstreet Drive, $48,900

Orrstown Bank to Evadney Scott, 2819 York Road, $38,500

Tyrone Twp.

Charleen Group to Mark Grothey, 2989 Old Carlisle Road, $210,000

Union Twp.

Kevin Brooke to Amy Olivas, 60 Chestnut Hill Circle, $305,000

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