Dinner is served

A hand-painted mural adds an unexpected artistic touch to this dining room.

When it comes to creating a full and complete look for your home, wall decor often plays a prominent role. But wall decor doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to traditional artwork. When it comes to adding interest to your walls, there are a number of ways to add color, pattern and interest that offer alternatives to traditional artwork.

Consider black-and-white prints. From purchased black-and-white prints to photographs that you may have taken yourself. Black-and-white prints offer an interesting and modern choice.

Look for three-dimensional wall decor. From mixed media to pieces that are sculptural in nature, there are a number of ways to make a statement.

Use mirrors. Whether identical mirrors hung in a series or one that is large, ornate and bold. Mirrors are an inexpensive and attractive alternative to traditional artwork.

Hang shelves. Shelves when adorned with interesting items can help to add automatic interest to a room.

Add wallpaper or paint an interesting wall mural. Wallpaper has made a steady and consistent comeback over the last decade. Wallpaper is an option when looking to introduce modern, graphic patterns into a space.

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