Short-eared Owl

A Short-eared Owl on fields along Pumping Station Road appeared to be running over the snow looking as cute as a fairy tale character. The bird, with a wingspan of three to three-and-a-half feet actually was landing after flying over the fields to locate a late-afternoon meal.

Who would have thought that world events would affect a monthly nature column? My planned theme this month had been reports on scientific evidence that birdwatching can be beneficial to our well-being. (All sing: “We got a lotta birding…to do!”) Who could know we would be needing super doses of daily wellness from nature.

On Thursday, March 12, it seemed everything hit the fan at once as states, industry, sports, education, etc. realized they need to caution, postpone, and cancel to fight for the common good of all. The TV talking-heads tried to empower us to avoid exposure. (Note that “TV” is not a reference to Turkey Vultures!)

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