Bright red cannas, popping out against varying shades of green bushes, catch a visitor’s eye. Golden arbs, pencil thin upright boxwoods, junipers and a gold mound cedar line the driveway. A few perennials, including liatris, daisies and sedum are mixed, creating little dazzles of color. Fran Ingram sees gardening as artwork and her yard a tapestry where she mixes different colors, textures, and heights to blend in or stand out against the architecture of her home. The front yard has a sea of juniper flowing from dark green to slight blue to brighter greens rolling into the holly bushes, hostas and geraniums. Fran offers that she had a mulch problem. She loved and wanted it everywhere, feeling the dark brown against the green was pleasing. However, over the years she grew tired of hauling and spreading the mulch and chose junipers for ground cover instead.

Fran likes movement in her garden such as the sea of junipers. So, she planted a Hollywood spruce along the front side of her yard and watches it dance in the wind. A black iron fence divides Fran’s yard at the back of the house, separating her patio and pergola area from her “bird sanctuary.” This layout also gives her dog an area to play. The bird sanctuary is an open area of the yard where Fran has planted several different bushes, including a Rose of Sharon where birds can take shelter. Inside the fence is her large pergola with a swing hanging from it and surrounded by azaleas, coneflower, irises, sedum and red bud trees.

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