The Gettysburg Garden Club, through its Garden of the Month committee, is pleased to present the Garden of the Month award to Mary and Terry Castonguay of 51 Battalion Ln, Gettysburg.

As I walked up the curved sidewalk to the inset front door of the Castonguay’s slate colored ranch home, I couldn’t help but feel welcomed by a bench to the right of the door and potted bonsais to the left. It was like entering a private outdoor cubby where one could read the morning paper and enjoy a cup of coffee. After talking to Mary, I learned she does just that with her cat curled up beside her. Terry and Mary have resided at Cannon Ridge for three years, since downsizing from living at the Links. When they moved into their current home they removed mostly everything except the trees. Mary knew what she wanted and where to place it, and Terry implemented.

After painting the brick house grayish blue, Mary wanted the front yard to compliment the home. So, there is a front bed of purple salvia, variegated and non-variegated liriope lavender, blue fescue grass, dianthus, Russian sage, deep purple veronica, perennial geranium, a specimen tree, and a lion’s head maple that will grow 8 to 10 inches tall. Along the curved sidewalk the purple and white theme continues with lamb’s ear, Shasta daisies and some white New Guinea impatiens placed among more of the veronica, salvia and liriope. The holly bush they brought from their Michigan home will be given to a neighbor once it is too big for its current location. Mary also has some whimsical items such as a large lantern, a concrete duck family, a concrete bunny and a wind vane among the plants. As you get closer to the front of the home, there are large hollies and gold mounds with daylilies of a burgundy colored bloom and coleus creating curves to break up the square lines of the home.

Around the side of the home is a Yoshino cherry tree and some rose of sharons. Peonies, sedum and weiglia line the house until you reach a raspberry and blueberry bush. Coming around the corner of a butterfly bush and a Magnolia are pots of tomatoes and peppers and a pot that Terry refers to as his nursery. He is growing seedling trees in the pot until they are big enough to stand on their own. The backyard is completely different from the front. The color scheme matches the patio umbrella of vibrant oranges and reds. Marigolds, coral bells, hibiscus, coreopsis and zebra grasses give the backyard a warm sunny feeling in contrast to the cool relaxing front yard. There is a shade garden along the back border with tall trees casting shadows on hosta and Asiatic lilies. There is a raised box that contains wildflower mixes. One sunflower is surrounded by sweet peas, cornflower, statice, daisies and many other flowers that will most likely reseed themselves for next year. Mary and Terry enjoy pollinators such as the butterflies and birds that visit their garden. They have many feeders (seed and hummingbird) and houses for the birds to enjoy.

Mary, who is of Finnish heritage, planted the flower of Finland, the lily of the valley, azalea bushes, random bulbs, including gladiolus, liatris, and dahlias, calla lilies and several hydrangea varieties on the garage side of the house. At the front of the garage is a large pot with sweet potato vine and canna lilies.

Mary and Terry Castonguay did a great job creating a flowing cohesive garden of many different varieties of plants. Transitioning from cool to warm tones, from flowers to shrubs to fruits and vegetables, to bulbs to potted plants took tremendous planning. If you are considering planting a garden, take a few moments to think about what you want the end result to look like before buying whatever plant is on sale. True, it may look great in your cart, but will it look great in your yard?

To nominate your property or someone else’s for the Garden of the Month award please call or text Deb Steckler at (717) 357-3623 or visit our website,

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