Regardless if you are a first-time buyer, a move-up buyer or an employee who is being transferred, you will want to plan carefully to minimize the potential headaches of moving. The Realtors Association of York & Adams Counties offers the following tips for a successful move.

Begin your planning at least one month in advance. Confirm closing dates with your real estate professional before scheduling your moving date. Make a list of all-important documents that must be transferred such as children’s school records, financial and medical records.

Whether moving near or far, decide what goes with you and what gets thrown away or donated to a local charity. This is always a good time for cleaning closets, the basement, or the attic where long-forgotten items are stored. You might consider holding a garage or moving sale to offset some of your moving expenses. If you’re donating items to charitable organizations, don’t forget to ask for a receipt for tax purposes.

Send change of address cards to magazine publishers and organizations with which you are affiliated. Provide change of address notice on credit card bills and leave forwarding instructions with the post office.

Save newspapers for packing material. For fragile items, you may want to consider buying special packing boxes to ensure their safety during transit or try creative packing with odd-sized and fragile items. Move mattresses with old sheets on them to provide protection from dirt. Your antique floor lamp may best be moved rolled up in a rug, or a crystal decanter packed in the middle of bath towels to cushion it. Make certain all boxes are clearly labeled with the contents and if they are fragile.

Make a list of items to pack separately including those you’ll need right away such as prescription medicines, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, tools and food items. Keep important papers, such as medical records and insurance policies in one place where they can be retrieved quickly if needed.

Contact local utility companies to let them know when to disconnect service. Arrange for utility service in your new home.

On the actual moving day, make sure someone meets the movers and indicates which items are to be loaded on the truck. If you’re taking on the task of moving yourself, organize loading to maximize space in the truck and ensure that the heavy box of books doesn’t get loaded on top of your china.

The more organized and prepared you are in advance; the easier moving day will be.

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