The following property transfers were filed in Adams County between May 30 and June 5:


Hector Ramos Jr. to James Houser, 55 Town Circle, $146,900

Berwick Twp.

Bridgerview LLC to David Walmer, 83 Bridgeview Drive, $93,000

Carol Popolano to Robert Kulacki, 26 Inga Court, $310,000

Philip Hoffman decd extrx to Randy Barnhart, 660Q Green Springs Road, $31,500


Joyce Seidenzahl to Francisco Siaca, 39 Cedarfield Drive, $170,000

Mark Gettel to Tina Carte, 10 W. Bonniefield Drive, $144,900

Carroll Valley

James Jirout to Katelyn Dick, 130 Skylark Trail, $238,500

25 Oak Ridge LLC to Robert Monaghan, 25 Oak Ridge Trail, $189,900

Molly Hemler to Michael Stahl, 18 Freedom Trail, $5,000

Donald Enste to Daniel Hanagan, 4 Mile Trail, $246,000

BP Real Estate to Benjamin Huebner, 10 Pheasant Trail, $208,900

Conewago Twp.

Kathryn Lawyer decd per repr to Diller Road LLC, 507 Diller Road, $129,900

Judy Bixler to Christopher Haislip, 36 Preakness St., $290,000

Jacob Massicot to Helene Stoelker, 219 Maple Drive, $172,000

Cumberland Twp.

Denise Killmeyer to John Siggins, 66 Lake View Drive, $290,000

American Battlefield Trust to County of Adams, Route 34 and Business 15, $10

BC Enterprises to Bruce Horst, 45 Longview Drive, $339,950

Leonard Martin Sr. decd co extrcs to Thomas Reed, 1871 Herrs Ridge Road, $385,000

Eleanor Sheen decd extr to Steven Colombo, 250 Ridgewood Drive, $368,500

Richard Keefer Dr. decd extrx to Steven Litten, 45 Kinsey Drive, $180,000

Abell Inc. to Sally Abma, 21 Winslow Court, $197,800

Franklin Twp.

John Kramb to Shannon Huff, 126 Old Route 30, $154,000


Paul Fairbanks to Clayton France, 150 Seminary Ave., $266,500

Prince Henlon decd extr to CR Property Group, 55 Breckenridge St., $85,000

Arminder Singh to Shallowbrook Partners, 31 E. Water St., $135,000

Hamilton Twp.

Kathryn Ilgenfritz to Hector Garcia, 900 Route 194 North, $280,000

Stone Ridge Development to April Tyler, 111 Woodland Drive, $302,000

Jeremy Cook to John Steinberger Jr., 45 Hunter Circle, $245,000

Timothy Beard III to Joseph Swann, 350 Forest Drive, $570,000

Benjamin Firestone to Donald Troutman, 175 Pine Run Road, $245,000

Highland Twp.

George Young to Robert Dubs III, 295 Camp Gettysburg Road, $65,300

Huntington Twp.

Bernice Shenberger decd extr to David Pittman, 7129 Carlisle Pike, $169,000

Latimore Twp.

Danielle Allen to Timothy Colon, 3 Howard Drive, $262,500

Liberty Twp.

Mark Albert to Michael Powell, 55 Waynesboro Pike, $424,900

Sharon Sabatos to Terry Stem, 205 N. Apache Trail, $3,000


Christopher Elwood to Ethan Taylor, 511 South St., $174,997

Andrew Sells to Ryan Tompkins, 31 Westview Drive, $144,900

Menallen Twp.

George Guthrie to CR Property Group, 120 Clearview Road, $86,820

Mt. Joy Twp.

Lynn Peterson by sheriff to M&T Bank, 807 Fish and Game Road, $1,454.57

Ronald Bell to Stephen Zanini, 56 White Run Lane, $220,000

Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Thomas Gebhart to Brian Barndt, 99 Crestview Lane, $265,000

New Oxford

Black Oak Holdings to Douglas Daryman, 7 Oxford Court, $117,400

Brian Glass to Melissa Brown, 40 Bud Ave., $45,000

Patricia Guise to Juan Garcia, 211 Lincolnway East, $160,000

Jean Overbaugh decd extrx to Michelle Barry, 132 Hanover St., $149,000

Oxford Twp.

Stephen Griffiths to Dennise Jones, 35 Bough Lane, $329,000

Palmer Development to William Mayers Jr., 18 Onyx Road, $84,500

Palmer Development to Christina Laborde, 46 Onyx Road, $95,500

Reading Twp.

Kellt Chenault to Mitchell Highlands, 1139 Wolf Road, $232,900

Inchs Properties to Michael McCormick, 48 Longstreet Drive, $210,000

Barbara Eisenhart to Flint Harlacker, 75 Roland Road, $50,000

Shirley Winand decd extrx to Brandon Kreider, 1595 East Berlin Road, $360,000

Briton Shelton to Jesse Forry, 60 Browns Dam Road, $106,000

Charles Staines to Mark Groft, 46 Bragg Drive, $320,000

Straban Twp.

Gary Frederick to Josiah Fenby, 107 Hoffman Road, $275,000

John Egloff to Adams Solar, no address listed, $10, same transaction recorded twice

Neil Temple to Willliam Johnson, 233 Ewell Ave., $255,500

Clyde Snyder to Isaac Roth, 3091 York Road, $185,500

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