The following property transfers were filed in Adams County between June 6 and June 12:


Emmitsburg Land Group to Store It, 151 Fourth St., $562,900

Butler Twp.

Nathan Rhodes to Thomas McMaster, 2274 Table Rock Road, $100,000

Carroll Valley

William Ryder to Cimino Builders, 9 Lure Trail, $32,500

Richard Wise to Eric Holtz, 2 Ridge Trail, $4,000

Bonnie Butler to Bo Taylor, 80 Fruitwood Trail $225,000

Proline Investors to Stefani Nevells, 1113 Chambersburg Road, $260,000

Conewago Twp.

Alistair Belle to Leon Stigler III, 257 Maple Drive, $189,892

BJML Enterprises to Joan Williams, 184 Skyview Circle, $187,000

Michael Johnson to GWM Properties of Pa., 370 Church St., $1,000,000

Destiny Properties to Casey Conway, 95 Comanche Trail, $214,500

Marcena Walker to Elaine Kuhn, 111 Easton Way, $233,000

Conewago Contractors to Smith Resources, 1374 Carlisle Pike, $625,000

Conewago Contractors to Anthony Smith, 1392 Carlisle Pike, $275,000

Cumberland Twp.

Charles Elburn Jr. by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage, 2465 Emmitsburg Road, $1,425.97

Proline Investors to Stefani Nevells, 746 Country Club Trail, $251,000

Bernard Moffett to John Miller, 200 Lancelot Court, $285,000

East Berlin

Richard Nace to Raymond Geraghty, 135 Aspen Drive, $205,000

Franklin Twp.

James McDonald to Jennifer Rosenthal, 345 Seven Stars Road, $235,000

Benchmarq Holdings to Steven Ridenour, 1325 Mt. Carmel Road, $152,000

Germany Twp.

Shirley Hockensmith by sheriff to American Financial, 273 St. Johns Road, $1,622.44

Robert Kelley Jr. to Jose Ariza, 6104 Baltimore Pike, $60,000

Bruce Hooper to Evan Arndt, 33 Crosswinds Drive, $398,000


Nancy Patterson to David Watson, 900 Highland Ave, $245,000

Second Source Gettysburg to Benjamin Rittenhouse, 103 Ridge Ave., $118,000

Shuss Trust to Gilbert Picarelli, 628 Fairview Ave., $214,900

Hamiltonban Twp.

Cash Now to Kenneth Ridenour, 2351 Mt. Hope Road, $164,900

Margaret Crouse to Roger Liska, 57 Beechwood Drive, $277,000

Richard Chase Jr. to CR Property, 4968 Fairfield Road, $127,000

Highland Twp.

Annetta Cluch decd extrcs to Anne Maxwell, 3583 Fairfield Road, $170,000

Huntington Twp.

Judy Kramer to Zachary Torrence, 910 Trolley Road, $194,900

DJ Homes to Craftbuilt, 150 Tammy Drive, $55,000

DJ Homes to Craftbuilt, 130 Tammy Drive, $55,000

Latimore Twp.

Matthew Krepps to Keeley Hamblin, 1247 Braggtown Road, $180,000

Mark Fearnbaugh to Mikal Boswell, 1076 Latimore Creek Road, $44,000


Robert Dimitri to Anissa Gloyd, 12 Starlite Drive, $152,000

Menallen Twp.

Jason Seville to Joshua Kidwell, 1373 Mt. Tabor Road, $180,000

Michael Stoner to Douglas Kelley, 2215 Wenksville Road, $270,601

William Brinker to Michelle Aungst, 110 Boyds Schoolhouse Road, $160,000

Mt. Joy Twp.

Charlene Wittenberg by sheriff to CWMBS, 2 Brookside Lane, $7,91

Dale Nichols to Ethan Green, 155 White Church Road, $206,000

Joseph Richard to Donna Fowler, 794 Burnside Drive, $425,000

Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Sheila Baker by sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 753 White Hall Road, $1,496.88

Buy Sell Now to Cody Hartlaub, 1068 Centennial Ave., $208,900

Barton Breighner to Marquerite Laban, no address listed, $712,500

New Oxford

Vava Reed to C. Alice Hutchings, 107 Carlisle St., $255,000

Reading Twp.

Beverly Fogle decd extrx to Dawn Cox, 80 Kimberly Lane, $100,000

Mariano Lupian AKA to Ignacio Diaz AKA, 27 Diane Drive, $45,000

Barbara Eisenhart to Juniper Farms, 940 Anthony Road, $675,000

Straban Twp.

John Miller to Jason Kahler, 234 Ewell Ave., $289,900

Union Twp.

Karen Guim to Robert Dimitri, 111 Wheaton Drive, $300,000

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