Happy holidays

This Christmas wreath has fresh, supple greens.

Nothing says holidays like the inviting fragrance of evergreens, whether it’s the Christmas tree awaiting a visit from Santa or the evergreen arrangements, wreaths, and boughs decorating your home inside and out. Using really fresh greens is probably best way to ensure cut greens last during the holidays. Just follow these few simple tips and your fresh cut greens will thank you with more lasting beauty.

If cutting your own greens, select those with vibrant color and a nice, fragrant aroma. After the first cutting of your greens, re-cut the stems at home and soak in water overnight in a bucket or tub. It is ideal to completely submerge greens if possible. Maintaining moisture in the stems and leaves or needles is the key to fresh looking, longer lasting holiday greens. Some greens, such as holly, really need to be placed in water as soon after cutting as possible to maintain freshness.

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