Welcome to 2020, beckoning with a brand new set of 12 months for us to live more fully. On paper, the optics for 2020 could not be better focused. Is this the year for setting new goals and taking big steps for this roaring decade? Can we reshape old intentions into new opportunities? If physical capabilities are limiting, then let’s toast to a New Year of imagination and spirit. Sometimes in life, we are the little bird who practices wing-flapping so energetically that we discover how real gravity is on the ground beneath our wings. Recover. Take off. Soar beyond your limits!

Is this the year you get into or back into birdwatching? Maybe the little ones now are old enough to enjoy birds by the numbers and colors, by comparing shapes and sizes of bills and learning to recognize bird songs and calls. We can learn a lot as we teach our children. But it can seem daunting to learn hundreds of names and identifying marks. So, if we begin studying five kinds of birds every week, then by next January we will know Adams County’s roughly 250 bird species. Check the Bird List on southmountainaudubon.org. Get a good field guide (to fit in a pocket). Let experience be the teacher. Consider coming out to a Bird Walk, where Audubon members help one another.

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