The following property transfers were filed in Adams County between March 28 and April 17:


Jessica Martin to David Hixon, 29 E. King St., $219,000

FDI Postal Properties to APIF Pennsylvania, 680 W. King St., $10

James P. Bollinger to jame P. Bollinger Jr., 88 Abbotts Drive, $165,000

James Davis by sheriff to Juston Aiello, 102 Sutton Road, $345,000


John Pirich Jr. to Alexander King, 27 S. High St., $119,900

William Lower Sr. to Jim Orner, Fohl St., $52,000

Berwick Twp.

FDI Postal Properties to APIF Pennsylvania, 680 W. King St., $10


Claudia Jacoby to Barbara Buckland, 149 W. Hanover St., $190,000


Charles Nicholson by sheriff to Pretium Mortgage, 33 Red Bird Lane, $2,978.03

Carroll Valley

Thomas Fitzsimmons to Birely Trust No. 2, 1 Trout Run Trail, $295,000

Marlene Gillespie to Scott Beard Jr., 7 Peach Tree Trail, $235,000

Wahnita Hawk to Marc West, 78 Bluebird Trail, $172,500

Drew Steever to Better Property Solutions, 28 Treeetop Trail, $125,000

Evangelista Trust to Donna Lear, 7 Mary Ann Trail, $2,000

Brenda Roberts-Ward to Danielle Lambert, 24 Sunfish Trail, $199,900

David Krulac to Dennis Wolfe,24 Helen Trail, $3,500

Conewago Twp.

June Miller Decd extrs to Gerald Kline, 1000 W. Elm Ave., $139,900

Labre LLC to Amber Gaede, 325 Maple Drive, $186,624

Ray Presley to Gerald Poland, 168 Puma Drive, $389,900

Kim Degroft to Donna Topper, 635 Poplar St., $169,900

Catherine Markle to Marie Barlow, 1031 Linden Ave., $115,300

Cumberland Twp.

Karen Hendrie to Corey Kimple, 15 Sabre Circle, $359,900

Nathan Lush to Jonathan Jonas, 1260 Biglerville Road, $205,000

Abell Inc. to James Railing II, 23 Winslow Court, $213,278.75

Stanley Jaworski Jr. to Jeffrey Russell, 110 Friendship Lane, $310,000

Franklin Twp.

Ethan Craig to Julia Badger, 760C Buchanan Valley Road, $158,000

Jesse Cabassa to Amanda Morsell, 669 Belmont Road, $167,500

Brent Strausbaugh to Eris Funk, 1121 Old Route 30, $192,900

Gerald Cole to JDR Unlimited, 690 Buchanan Valley Road, $50,000

Patricia Ness by sheriff to Lakeview Loan, 15 Rhododendron Drive, $1,510.49

Timothy Jeffcoat by sheriff to Benchmarq Holdings, 1325 Mt. Carmel Road, $92,707

Charles Cashour to Lazy Lip LLC, 3416 Chambersburg Road, $90,000

Freedom Twp.

Fredercik Lorenzo to Donald Wayne Richmond, 1595 Pumping Station Road, $835,900

Richard Rider to Futurestake Inc., 660 Cunningham Road, $550,000

Germany Twp.

Melvin Seidenzahl Jr. to James Weisz, 93 Quail Court, $340,000

First Guaranty Mortgage to Solid State Homes, 35 Shirley Lane, $159,600


Christine Dillon to Thomas Daniel Ltd., 136 Buford Ave., $250,000

Gettysburg Anniversary Committee to Gettysburg Works, 344 Baltimore St., $329,900

Daniel Barnhart to Stella Mullican, 501 York St., $129,000

Rose Lady to Darlene Brown, 355 W. High St., $140,000

Redd Up Properties to SPG Capital, 60 Chambersburg St., $600,000

Christopher Narnabei to Anthony Hoover, 226 Chambersburg St., $219,900

White Orchard Enterprise to Christopher Lagatare, 313 Baltimore St., $229,900

Dwight Michael to Adam Wasserman, 524 S. Washington St., $208,333

Ales Properties to NW Family Holdings, 60 Breckenridge St., $55,000

Hamilton Twp.

Stone Ridge Development Corp. to April Tyler, 111 Woodland Drive, $302,000

Community Baptist Church to Clark Agapakis, 125 Dogwood Court, $440,000

Cash Now to Shaylyn Miller, 840 E. Kuhn Fording Road, $106,300

Hamiltonban Twp.

Mickey Rockey to Petrus Holdings, Starr Lane, $90,000

Richard Johnson to Alexandra Gangewere, 1758 Carrolls Tract Road, $150,000

El Vista Orchards to Adam Electric Co-op., 473 Mt. Hope Road, $70,000

Highland Twp.

April Martin to Ryan Morris, 1425 Knoxlyn-Orrtanna Road, $540,000

Karen Samuels to Justin Stone, 530 Carr Hill Road, $350,000

TSJ Properties to Jared Dietrick, 695 Railroad Lane, $200,000

Latimore Twp.

Daniel McHugh to Dhenin Brock, 278 Lake Meade Drive, $435,000

Schartman Enterprises to Vincent Corrao, 124 County Line Road, $35,000

Jeffrey Stambaugh to Michael Zumbrum, 1589 Mud Run Road, $180,000

Patrick McMaster to Donna Main, 1019 Mountain Road, $78,144

Frederick Fatzinger to Tammy Allison, 52 Burnside Drive, $148,900

Liberty Twp.

Terry Stem to Troy Brenner, 26 Sydnor Trail, $8,000

Barbara Newlin to Valley Road Farm & Stables, 300 Harbaugh Valley Road, $210,000

Allen Beckett to Troy King, 2880 Bullfrog Road, $242,800


Anthony Annoreno to Matthew Callari, 145 Apple Grove Lane, $140,000

Heritage Hills II to Joseph Finzel Jr., 114 Stoners Circle, $412,748

Amanda Volk by sheriff to Benchmarq Holdings, 308 N. Queen St., $81,000


Deborah Stiles by sheriff to CIM Trust, 622 North St., $1,534.55

Dolores Miller to Kenneth Hewitt, 120 N. Second St., $133,400

BC Enterprise Solutions to Willie Ed Ellis Jr., 212 Main St., $147,000

Jason Senseney to Hugh Clinton III, 623 Main St., $119,000

Menallen Twp.

Garrett Klaver to Jason Seville, 245 Opossum Hill Road, $335,000

FDI Postal Properties to APIF Pennsylvania, 420 Aspers-Bendersville Road, $10

SL Realty to Katherine Baldwin, 255 Plantation Road, $72,500

Gail Butler to Mikel Grimm, 110 Celebration Hill Road, $179,900

8 GS Realty to Ridge Rentals, 1310 Quaker Valley Road, $404,400

Richard Cupp to Rory Shaffer, 335 Boyd Hollow Road, $114,900

Mt. Joy Twp.

Dale Frankhouser to Nathaniel Crowell, 1938 Old Route 30, $470,000

James Gresalfi to John Barrett Jr., 6 Lookout Court, $549,900

Karl Mullinix to Gregg Fuoss, Solomon Road, $49,000

Charles Earley to Alan Whiteley, 105 Clubhouse Drive, $370,000

Emerson Muller decd co extrs to John Maffei, Heritage Drive, $195,000

Links at Gettysburg to Bradley Harner, 5 N. Chamberlain Court, $150,000

Mt. Pleasant Twp.

Kate Schroyer to Leroy Ploutz, 110 Cannon Lane, $141,500

Gerald Topper Jr. to Kevin Wolff, Cedar Ridge Road, $78,000

Thelma Bollinger to Charles Arnold Jr., 1045 White Hall Road, $150,000

Chrystal Smith by sheriff to Benchmarq Holdings, 10 Hill Road, $85,000

New Oxford

Sander Light Properties to Stonehouse Properties, 218 W. High St., $108,181.81

Oxford Twp.

Mina Wilson to Araceli Hernandez, 1290 Red Hill Road, $40,000

Elizabeth Salisbury to Philip Eyler, 7 Chinkapin Drive, $194,000

Kevin Fritz to Ashley Bennett, 2 W. Locust Lane, $144,900

Jodi Hahn to Daniel Hannon, 83 Katelyn Drive, $171,000

Kevin Krentler by sheriff to Fifth Third Bank, 1315 Red Hill Road, $1,621.82

Bobbi Saveleski by sheriff to Ocwen Loan Servicing, 50 700 Road, $1,980

Reading Twp.

Lake Property Owners Association to Timothy Krout, 62 Schofield Drive, $20,000

Robert Elicker to Christy Thomas, 1270 Fish & Game Road, $260,000

Betty Gastley to Eric Newcomer, 5413 Carlisle Pile, $145,000

Destiny Properties to Danielle Gagne, 23 Wadsworth Drive, $255,000

Cindy Ryan to Barbara Mitchell, 491 Lake Meade Drive, $63,900

Steven Smith to Christian Weaver, 74 Conewago Terrace, $305,000

Straban Twp.

Jeanne Stinchcomb to John Smith, 232 Double Play Drive, $219,100

Meany Trust Agreement to Michael Carter, 404 Shealer Road, $219,900

Michaela Cushing-Daniels to Lauren Shaffer, 170 Gordon Ave., $122,500

James Balas to Christopher Barnabei, 132 Artillery Drive, $270,000

Lori Thompson to Daniel Lavalliere, 158 Early Ave., $209,900

Tyrone Twp.

KS3 Properties to Justine Spears, 817 East Berlin Road, $169,900

Harry Fox Jr. to Jacob Miller, 53 Mandy Lane, $29,900

Union Twp.

Kenneth Layman to Charles Ehrenfeld III, 399 Barts Church Road, $400,000

Patricia Brightwell to Jeffrey Ziegenfuss, 1075 Bollinger Road, $675,000

William Cintron decd extr to Rosemary Ashby, 25 Union St., $265,000

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