The Cloverbud program is an essential part of the 4-H program. These youth are five to eight years old and they are learning the life skills that will help them to become competent, caring, and contributing citizens.

Sarah Rothenhoefer, who is a leader of the Adams County 4-H Poultry Club, says “I have put two of my own children through the Cloverbud program and have noticed how easily they adjust to elementary school and public speaking.”

Cloverbuds can explore personal development, leadership, STEM, art, plants, animals, and a variety of other interesting topics. Youth that are in the Cloverbud program have the opportunity to essentially get a jumpstart on being a 4-H member. Most clubs give their Cloverbuds the opportunity to sit in on the business meeting along with the older 4-H members, as well as, when there is a guest speaker.

The program is a great stepping stone for the younger kids and gives them a chance to have three extra years of being able to watch what will happen and having older members there to coach them and prepare them for what they will be doing in the future.”

The Cloverbuds are not the only group that benefits from the program – the 4-H members also get something out of it. Rothenhoefer says that having Cloverbuds in a club “allows the 4-H members in the club to share their knowledge and take on a leadership role with the cloverbuds during fair when we’re doing setup or explaining things at the meetings”.

4-H is a youth organization designed to support young people from elementary school through high school in order to shape future leaders and innovators. 4-Her’s engage in hands on activities focused on science, citizenship, and healthy living. Cloverbuds is open to children ages 5-8 and 4-H is open to children and teens ages 8-18.

To learn more about Adams County 4-H and our Cloverbud programs or to sign up for an Adams County 4-H Club or Cloverbuds, contact Darlene Resh at (717) 334-6271 or

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