I have been noticing a lot of inspiring stories lately. I think these are meant to keep us motivated towards achieving our two-month old, probably fading, New Year’s resolutions. You may recall last time I wrote about inspiration it was about chocolate wrapper messages. Well, I promise, these stories are a lot more inspiring. First up is a Runner’s World magazine article about an 88-year-old Houston man who suffered a stroke, had a hip replacement and discovered he had lung cancer in 2017. He took some time off from running, but just a few months. After recovering more fully he decided he was ready to race again. And this January he placed 4th in his age group and in the top 38% of all runners. “It was a comeback, and I’m going to continue to keep running and expect to do better,” he said. These days, he runs 30 to 45 minutes at a time, five days a week on the treadmill at his retirement home. He plans to incorporate a total body strength routine that involves push-ups, sit-ups, and swimming, too—all done with the goal of getting faster and staying healthy with age.

Wow, we better get moving if we want to keep up!

Betsy Meyer is a member of Healthy Adams County Physical Fitness Task Force and the Community Wellness Connection. For more information check the Healthy Adams County Facebook page or website.

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