Four members of the Adams County Chapter of Pennsylvanians for Life attended the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation 40th Anniversary Celebrate Life Banquet on Oct. 15 in Harrisburg. The event was keynoted by internet sensation and video bloggers Diamond and Silk and drew almost 800 people, making it the Federation’s largest banquet ever.

In their remarks, Diamond and Silk called for an end to abortion and an end to tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood, declaring “Babies lives matter, too!” They spoke about the disproportionate number of abortions in the black community and lamented the passing of radical laws in some states that allow abortion up through birth and beyond.

The sisters said it is now time to put a stop to abortion, which the sisters said has taken the lives of 61 million Americans since 1973. While praising President Trump for his many pro-life accomplishments, Diamond said, “This is not political. This is about saving lives.”

Ruth Santino, president of the local pro-life chapter, said, “Diamond and Silk presented clear, common sense reasons why every life is precious and deserves our protection. They inspired everyone attending the event to work even harder to save babies and women from the devastation of abortion.”

Prior to their talk, Executive Director Michael Ciccocioppo presented the 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award to Ernest L. Ohlhoff, who served as the first president of the Federation’s Board of Directors and now serves as Outreach Director for National Right to Life. The 2019 Leadership Award was presented to John and Ann Poole, members of Citizens Concerned for Human Life, Cambria/Somerset Chapter, who have been involved in a wide variety of pro-life endeavors in their community since 1988.

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Pro-life is only about fetuses which are not yet viable LIVES outside the womb. If those Pro-Lifers were truly concerned about LIFE, they would be concerned about the lives senselessly taken by gun violence; babies, children and parents separated and detained by ICE; those who are coming here to escape violence in their own countries seeking refuge; the babies who are born to mothers or families who cannot raise them due to finances, etc. (which is why abortion is chosen) - are you "Pro-Lifers" going to adopt and raise those babies you want them to not abort? You are holier than thou when it comes to abortion, but have no regard for any other human life that doesn't fit into your small-minded criteria.

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