Pastor Peter Lagerberg, leader of the Gettysburg Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, will head the Tuesday, June 4, gathering of the Upper Adams Prayer Breakfast at the Apple Bin Grill and Bakery.

A Salt Lake City native, Lagerberg studied at Brigham Young University before receiving his Masters in International Studies from the University of Utah in 1981.

This led to a 34-year career in multiple federal service positions culminating in eight years as Chief of Investigation and Counter-intelligence at the Voice of America.

Now retired in Gettysburg, he and wife Martha live in Cannon Ridge. They have three adult children.

This will be Pastor Peter’s first opportunity to address the breakfast and says he will be speaking about “Weathering the storms of doubt.” Plan to come and share his insights as he presents the gospel and leads the prayers of the people.

The Upper Adams Prayer Breakfast is open to all comers on the first Tuesday each month at the Apple Bin Restaurant on Route 234 between Biglerville and Arendtsville.

It commences at 7:45 a.m. with coffee and breakfast orders and continues at 8 with singing led by Jean Finfrock and accompanied by Barbara Frey on the keyboard. The visiting pastor then leads the gathering with his/her presentation and special prayers for many requested by members of the group. Breakfast follows and the inter-denominational fellowship is typically over by 9.

The July 2 gathering of the UA Prayer Breakfast will feature a return visit from Pastor Rod Runyan, director of the Fruitbelt Farmworker Christian Ministry in our surrounding counties.

As the Bible says: “The Lord your God…shows no partiality…He administers justice…and loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing. Therefore, love the stranger.”

Come and hear more about how you can help the people who toil in the orchards to help our economy and feed the world.

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