PCCW helps church restoration fund

GIFT FROM SFX PCCW — Fr. Daniel Mitzel, pastor of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Gettysburg, accepts a $4,750 donation from Nancy Newbold, president of the SFX Parish Council of Catholic Women, to be used towards the Historic Church Preservation Fund.

The St. Francis Xavier’s Parish Council of Catholic Women recently attended its annual Christmas Mass held in the Historic Church with Fr. Andrew St. Hilaire, spiritual advisor as celebrant, and Fr. Daniel Mitzel, pastor as concelebrant.

During the Mass, Fr. St Hilaire blessed two baskets of prayer shawls made by the Prayer Shawl Ministry for homebound parishioners. The group then traveled to the Dobbin House for dinner where PCCW president Nancy Newbold welcomed the group of 55 to the buffet-style meal. She then gave a short report from the recent Holiday Bazaar and presented a $4,750 check to Fr. Daniel Mitzel.

Fr. Mitzel announced this donation would be used to assist with the Historic Church Preservation Fund. Fr. Mitzel thanked the ladies for all their hard work at the bazaar and throughout the year with the many other activities they provide for the parish. A monetary gift was given to both priests for Christmas, carols were sung, a trivia game played, and door prizes were presented.

The next meeting of the PCCW will be 9 a.m., Jan. 18 at Dunlap’s Restaurant. Guest speaker will be Ann Marie Kalloz.

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