Fred Snyder

Can you imagine a dinner table stretching a half mile though the middle of Gettysburg? If you said yes, someone must have told you about the “Long, Long, Long, Long Dinner Party” scheduled from 5 to 8 p.m., Friday, Oct. 4. There will be 161 eight-foot tables stretched from the Gettysburg Square, up Baltimore Street to South Street, with a seating capacity of some 1,200. So far, about a third of the tickets have been sold for this historic event. The cost for a seat at the table is $15 and the dinner is pot luck, or you may choose to bring food from local restaurants or food trucks that will be stationed throughout the area. There will also be an adult beverage tent set up on the Square for those seeking out something other than a nonalcoholic beverage. Enjoy live music and entertainment during the evening with a band on the Square and roving entertainment all the way to South Street.

The Pennsylvania Municipal League, elected and appointed officials from all over state, will be in town for its annual meeting, and many of the 300 visitors are expected to join local citizens at the table for this special event. Their theme for the meeting will be “Night on the Town” and Borough Manager Charles Gable tells me they will be encouraged to join the hundreds of locals for this special fundraising event. Gable says some state dignitaries have also been invited to the dinner, and the dignitaries attending the municipal league event will be encouraged to attend. Abe Lincoln will be in attendance chatting with guests throughout the dinner. Planning for this special event is continuing as you read this column, and more information will be forthcoming. The event will support revitalization efforts in Gettysburg, notably the current project to revitalize the Baltimore Street Historic Pathway, the route President Lincoln took to deliver his immortal Gettysburg Address. Tickets for this historic dinner are just $15 and each table seats eight. For more information and to order tickets go to If you would like to be a sponsor of this special event, please call Main Street Gettysburg at 717-337-3491. Call for tickets or inquire about a sponsorship today, but don’t forget your “spork” when you leave home for dinner Oct. 4.

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