Fred Snyder

Making a pot of chicken soup in Carroll Valley this past Election Day was a labor of love. Yes I did vote, but finding a chicken breast for my soup was a lot more difficult. I drove to my go-to grocery store in Emmitsburg only to find out they wouldn’t have any chicken breasts until Tuesday afternoon. I then drove back to Fairfield and the little grocery store in town (used to be Sunny Ray’s). I walked in only to find half empty shelves and the entire meat section dark. A gentleman explained in broken English something about he was watching the store for the owners. At this point it became a mission so I got back in the car and drove over the mountain to Rouzerville and the little Amish meat market just down from the bowling alley on the main drag. Yes, they had the chicken breast I needed, and the young lady who waited on me recommended some homemade Dutch noodles for the soup. I got a late start making it, but it turned out great. I always know when it’s good when Betty has two bowls and reminds me to save the leftovers. My point to all of this is no one should have to drive 40 miles for a chicken breast. Fairfield and Carroll Valley residents need a full-service grocery store. There was a proposal for one several years ago near the intersection of Fairfield and Iron Springs Road, but then it just fizzled out. There has to be some interest in this kind of project.

On the subject of the election, my projection of less than 20 percent turnout was certainly off. Cumberland Township residents voting for supervisors, several school board races, and the county controller contest bumped the total turnout to a little less than 25 percent. All three commissioners picked up four-year terms. I spoke with three-term Adams County Commissioner Randy Phiel last Saturday. He asked that I mention “It is an honor and a privilege to serve the residents of Adams County.” Randy says it was a pleasure getting out to the polls on Election Day and meeting the people and hearing their feedback on how the county is being run. He said he was disappointed with the 25% turnout given the importance of local community races.

Fred Snyder is a Gettysburg Times columnist. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper. Contact Fred at or 717-334-1131, ext. 2850. “Around Town” is published in the Gettysburg Times every Tuesday.

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