With the official beginning of tax season Jan. 15, I had planned to devote the entire column on your taxes, but I just couldn’t pass on local stupidity as my lead. Good police work trumped stupidity late last week when authorities announced the arrest of a suspect in the attempted courthouse firebombing several weeks ago. Did this idiot really think he could get away with it? I spoke with Gettysburg Police Chief Rob Glenny shortly before the arrest of a suspect was announced. He told me there was a full task force of local and federal authorities working on the case, and he was confident a suspect would be arrested and charged soon. Thanks to some excellent investigative work by Gettysburg Police, evidence was found and gathered, and a suspect arrested. We can only hope he gets some jail time rather than a slap on the wrist for trying to burn our courthouse down.

And there is no shortage of stupidity in Adams County as we learned last week that Cumberland Township Police are looking for a suspect who attempted to set a flagpole on fire in the veteran’s section of Evergreen Cemetery. As Forrest Gump once said “Stupid is as stupid does.” The problem was the flagpole was metal, and unless this mental midget had shown up with a blow torch, he or she would never topple the flagpole.

Fred Snyder is a Gettysburg Times columnist. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper. Contact Fred at fsnyder@gburgtimes.com or 717-334-1131, ext. 2850. “Around Town” is published in the Gettysburg Times every Tuesday.

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