A former Midway Fire Company chief and his wife pleaded guilty Monday in Adams County Court to stealing more than $44,000 from the organization over a two-year period.

Robert and Brenda Warner, 43 and 50 respectively, of 3005 Carlisle Pike, New Oxford, will both spend seven years on probation per a plea agreement with the Adams County District Attorney’s office.

The couple admitted to theft by unlawful taking in front of Adams County Common Pleas Judge Michael George.

“The money was stolen between January 2008 and 2010,” Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner said Monday. “Brenda Warner was the treasurer during this period and her husband also held fiduciary duties within the company. Most of the money stolen came from bingo games. They had an obligation to deposit those funds and kept it for themselves. There were several other checks they also kept.”

Around $35,000 in bingo funds was reported missing by current Midway secretary Luann Boyer in March 2010.

According to charging documents, Boyer said any time more than $2,450 was collected during small games of chance, it would be deposited in Midway’s bank account for future use.

Both Warners admitted taking the cash for personal use. Robert also told police he made out 26 fire company checks to himself for around $26,000 and used Midway’s gas card for a personal $1,816 purchase from Arentz Oil Company. 

Two counts of criminal conspiracy and one count each of theft by deception and failure to make required disposition of funds were withdrawn against both Warners as part of the plea agreement.

Midway, located on Linden Avenue in Hanover, declined an invitation to join Southeastern Adams Emergency Volunteer Services (SAVES) in 2005 and lost its coverage area in McSherrystown Borough and Conewago Township.

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first off these two jerks didnt just steel from fire hall,,they stole from the community,as well as people in need,what kind of idiot judge would give probation,not to mention there was no mention of repayment. take there cars,house,everything.this is bs. i belong to clubs who give donations for these fire halls,etc and we work hard to give the money.lcb is always on our rears and close us down all the time,but you let this trash off with a deal???. who got paid and how much. sounds like a member of someones family. if this is going to be the case then i think no one should go to fire hall events cause the money is up for grabs.some one needs to take matters into there own hands and get the money back,cause sure as heck,the system is too stupid. i have never seen a more idiotic decission and deal in my life. i really hope in my opinion that midway takes matters into there own hands against these 2 scumbags. they have made it bad for all others who bust there rears to help there locality. i hate thieves and would love to see them get there just. some one pulled somthing in my opinion. i could go on and on,but trust me,it would not be pleasent


Wait a minute, bigdan555, the fire company are not the ones to blame!!! There are alot of us volunteers who are just as upset with these people and the deal they got. As you who belong to a club you should know what it takes to raise money. Fire Companyies as a whole are fine organizations and its members give to the communittee above and beyond. It is the few bad apples that reuin it for the rest. You should know this. Be upset but don't punish the fire companies!!!


hi country girl. i agree with you whole hearted.i basically was saying stop the donations from there and everywere if these jerks are going to get away with it,not meaning to do it,that we as groups should quit helping cause the theives will just take it and get away with it.(i was saying it sarcastically) im sorry u miss understood,because,yes,we do bust our rear-ends and these clowns get away with it.
people dont realize the amount of work involved in fire co's,clubs,etc to get this money to help the needy,buy equipment etc. it is so disturbing to hear they didnt even have to give it back by selling everything they have. if you are one of those volunteers,my hat goes off to you. hope to talk to ya again.


Bigdan555: Sorry I mis understood you. Keep up the good work with your orginizations. Thank you I am a volunteer. There need to be more people like us who volunteer.

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