The public gathers near the Pennsylvania Memorial on Hancock Avenue Monday evening as CNN news anchor John King prepares for a televised segment, in anticipation of a possible visit to Gettysburg by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. (Bill Schwartz/Gettysburg Times)


Sarah Palin scurried around Gettysburg like a mouse Monday in a large bus built to gather attention as media, supporters and interested people chased her like cats.

Rumors began to fly on Friday that the former Alaska governor, former vice presidential candidate and possible candidate for president would stop in Gettysburg on her One Nation bus tour. Palin stopped in Washington, D.C. Saturday and Sunday and headed to Mount Vernon and Fort McHenry early Monday.

No one seems to know where a rumor originated from that claimed Palin would appear at the Pennsylvania Monument on the Gettysburg National Military Park, but by 10:30 a.m., Monday that rumor had spread like wildfire. Hundreds of people gathered at the monument wearing Palin tee shirts and buttons or holding signs.

Jeanne Tull of Selmer, Tenn. was visiting Gettysburg for the weekend and was thrilled at the possibility that a Palin sighting could be added to her trip. She sat at the Pennsylvania Monument for more than seven hours, but Palin never arrived.

“A lot of them (people waiting for Palin) have been here all day, and some of them left and came back,” Tull said at 6 p.m.

She said she supports Palin because of her “Christian morals.”

Tull was traveling with Janita Carlton of Green Forest, Ark.

“I think she is a very strong-willed person and it takes that to run the country,” Carlton said of Palin.

It became apparent to many people at about 7 p.m. that standing at the Pennsylvania Monument holding signs and wearing t-shirts that expressed support for Palin was not going to produce anything but sweat.

CNN’s John King did numerous live spots from the monument that questioned the need for Palin’s secrecy and whether she will run for president. King also questioned if Fox News not dropping Palin as a contributor meant she is not running or that Fox News has a “double standard” since they have dropped Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Gingrich has announced his candidacy and Santorum is expected to announce next month.

Members of the media toiled with the question of why they were standing in 90 degree temperatures with no concrete evidence that Palin would appear. Since there was such a large crowd at the Monument, her visit was in the public interest and the media would be there to get the story if it ever happened.

Normally, when figures as popular as Palin launch a nationwide tour, they announce their stops in advance so the public and the media are aware. Politicians, especially possible presidential candidates, seek the attention and their public relations people do everything they can to make sure every media outlet in the region is aware of the appearances.

Palin’s tour is much different. Organizers refuse to release an itinerary and those who are often on the inside of Republican channels are just as confused as everyone else.

Later Monday, information began to leak that Palin was staying at the Courtyard Marriot at Gateway Gettysburg. Again, that only led to more speculation as to her plans for the evening.

Several people began to gather in the hotel’s parking lot with the same hopes as those gathered at the Pennsylvania Monument. However, they had a little more luck.

Palin briefly made some candid remarks when she returned from a run with her family. Those who were present said she did say she would visit the Gettysburg National Military Park Tuesday and needed to go shopping for socks Monday evening.

Shawn Umbenour of Cumberland Township had the chance to talk to Palin’s parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, and her husband, Todd. The Heaths said they would be visiting the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center Tuesday.

Another person who was present during Sarah Palin’s brief public appearance captured it on video. One of the few questions she took was “do you want the press on this trip?”

“I think I don’t have a choice. Because as much as we don’t want to disrupt others, you know we don’t want to disrupt people on their trips and on their vacations and make it chaotic for these good folks,” she said.

Famous people visit Gettysburg all of the time and the media do not intrude on their personal vacations; but different expectations are set when the celebrity arrives in a giant bus with an illustration of the United States Constitution and Sarah Palin’s signature on it.

Walt Tuchalski, communications chair of the Adams County Republican Committee, spoke to Palin and also questioned her desire for secrecy. Palin told Tuchalski that she was concerned about security.

If Palin decides to make a public appearance Tuesday, the Times will post information on as soon as it is made available.

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Poor reporters, can't get their gotcha moment, can't fool Palin or the American people anymore LOL

The State Run Enemedia in full-blown panic PDS mode.


I think people would have had better things to do than to chase someone like her. And I am sure "she" is the one who spread the rumor, I think SHE is all about HER and no one else...............tiska tiska..............


The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. I wouldn't stand in the heat for hours to see that woman. If she were sitting in my living room I'd toss a sheet over her head so I didn't have to see her face.

She's as stupid as ever too. She said “I think I don’t have a choice. Because as much as we don’t want to disrupt others, you know we don’t want to disrupt people on their trips and on their vacations and make it chaotic for these good folks,” What??? Is that supposed to be an intelligent comment?

Can you imagine her meeting with foreign dignitaries who thrive on protocol? Sarah - suggestion. Stay home. Wherever home is these days.


Can't stand it, can ya Alex...the MSM of which you are a part (pathetic, I might add) don't get her at all; just you never got Ronald Reagan...I remember how you portrayed the poor senile old man (your characterization)...Sarah's gonna rock your day...and you are so terrified of her, it's won't stop her, anymore than the Democrats or Obama will...


Palin claims she hates the media but continues to use and play them for all she's worth. She's nothing but a self-promoter with very little worth promoting.


gee I wonder how long it takes to review a small post? Again as I say, why would anyone spend their free time looking for her............? I could think of better things to do than to chase down her...............

Gburg Baseball Mom

Palin is more of a rat than a mouse!


To each his own---but to hype your political agenda on the sacred grounds of Gettysburg just points out what shortcomings are present in our thinking today. Respect needs to be paid to the men who fought at Gettysburg, and not to a bus entourage of a well meaning Alaskan citizen , who is definitely not qualified for
the office of President of these United States. Rhetoric and publicity are one thing,
but take them elsewhere, not Gettysburg.---irish1


I love neo-Comm meltdowns!


Of course, when President Hussein Ubama announced he was running for re-election, then headed to Arlington National Cemetery, the Ubama cult said nothing! Get ready for the return of Republicanism and reality in 2012!

been here awhile

The most amazing thing to me was to see the communications coord. for Adams Co. Republican Committee Walt Tuchalski running after her. When it is time to vote please remember he is backing Randy Phiel.


Mom: I hear Sarah does not like casinos..myabe she was the deciding factor!!!!


As a vetran It kind of saddens me that this article is longer and more in-depth than any other article speaking about the parade and other events celebrating Memorial Day. "Many spent the day looking for Palin" - Really? Why weren't they spending the day thanking the Wounded Worriors- who were in town. These young men and women are our nations hero's and have sacrificed more than most people twice thier age could even think about so that we can spend Memorial Day celebrating it the way we choose. It's just a shame that the town of Gettysburg seems to have forgotten that Memorial day is about the sacrifice given by our men and women in the Armed Forces, and instead of thanking a Vet would rather chase down Sarah Palin!


ARMY123 you are exacty right!!!

Thank you ARMY123 for doing what you did and all the other Vets fighting for the freedoms we all have. LIKE HOLIDAYS!!!!!


sjguy, She came here for a visit and didn't want the media around here. The article points out that she was basically stalked. The media is mad because she will not release her itinerary so they can follow here. So the "self-promoter" tag really doesn't fit.

SeanMichael, her comment is that no matter how hard she tries to just visit someplace the media circus is out of her control and impacts others seems fairly straight forward. I believe also, that you are far more familiar with "stupidity" than you let on. As for her meeting foreign dignitaries, I'm guessing she will not bow to them as Obama does.

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