A Gettysburg man who delivered cocaine on three occasions to a confidential police informant pleaded guilty Monday in Adams County Court and will spend three-to-ten years in prison.

Patel Clifford Spencer, 24, was scheduled for a jury trial in the term beginning Aug. 1.

Adams County Assistant District Attorney Brian Sinnett said Spencer’s three cocaine transactions came in 2010.

On Nov. 3, the informant purchased 2.1 grams of cocaine for $250 from Spencer. That acquisition was followed by purchases of 3.3 grams on Nov. 10 and 2.5 grams on Nov. 18, both for $250. 

Spencer was arrested at his girlfriend’s East Berlin Road residence shortly after making the final sale by a police unit led by State Trooper James O’Shea. 

Police said they found Spencer curled up inside of a bathroom closet.

The arrest was subject of pre-trial hearing on June 20, when Spencer testified that police only announced their presence as they were entering the residence and did not knock on the door.

O’Shea testified that he heard running inside the home and that is why authorities entered simultaneous or shortly after announcing they had a search warrant.

Common Pleas Judge Michael George ruled against Spencer.

At the time of his arrest, Spencer was in violation of his parole.

Sinnett originally offered to a four-to-eight year sentence, but in order for Spencer to be eligible for Pennsylvania’s motivational boot camp program, the minimum time served in prison could not exceed three years. 

George said although Spencer was eligible for the program, the state Department of Corrections would make the final decision. 

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No Bozo

So, he does several drug deals while on parole and we cut him another break by reducing his sentence! Why?


isnt he a tough one ,,hiding and a dumb asxxxx s


I wish big Dan and no bozo had a face

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