Michael Love

Michael Love

A Gettysburg man who police said abused a 4-year-old boy to the point the child had life threatening injuries was sentenced Thursday in Adams County Court to three-to-six years in state prison.

Michael Love, 22, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in May and the sentence was part of a plea agreement with the Adams County District Attorney’s office.

According to court documents, the child’s mother gave him to Love in September 2010 after the two met at a homeless shelter.

The boy then lived with Love in his Chambersburg Street apartment.

On Dec. 4, the juvenile was found unresponsive and taken to Gettysburg Hospital before being transferred to the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, where he remained for nearly a month.

Adams County District Attorney said the boy “had multiple injuries, including a subdural hematoma (blood clotting on the surface of the brain), multiple bruises and abrasions, burns on his skin, a vertebral fracture, as well as vertebral compression fractures, a fractured finger, and corneal abrasions.”

In an affidavit, Gettysburg Police said Love beat the child because he thought the boy was hiding food. They also reported Love failed to get medical attention for the child on multiple occasions including Dec. 1, when the boy fell out of a moving vehicle and bled from the mouth, and two days later when the child was found face down in a bathtub.

A juvenile witness told Adams County Children and Youth Services that on one occassion Love got on top of the child and punched him at least 20 times. 

Common Pleas Judge Thomas Campbell told Love during sentencing “he hoped he spent every day during his prison term thinking about what happened to that child.”

A letter from the boy’s foster parents, read Thursday by Adams County Assistant District Attorney Brian Sinnett, described the child’s recovery efforts as ongoing, but miraculous after doctors initially said he may never walk again.

“He will have a lifetime of physical and emotional problems to overcome,” the foster parents wrote. “What could a four-year-old boy have done to deserve this?”

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Hope everybody in jail knows what this creep did and he gets some extra lovin' if you know what I mean.....Thumbs down to the judge!!!!!


"was sentenced Thursday in Adams County Court to three-to-six years in state prison."
Are you kidding us??? 3-6 years for what this P.O.S. did to that poor innocent child? Hope someone pulls on him what they did to Jeffrey Dahmer. These guy should be locked away for good!!!!
Heywood is right: [thumbdown] Thumbs down to that judge!


Folks, do not knock judge Campbell. He either accepts or rejects a plea agreement. And those who get a rep for rejecting pleas wind up with more trials, which cost the county a lot of money. And do not come down on Brian Sinnett either. He had to consider many factors including sentencing guidelines in force all throughout the state. Brian is a hard working highly seasoned veteran. And a local man who is dedicated to his job. I should know. I worked along side of him. I know the sentence seems light. But 3 years in a state prison is no picnic. Then there is parole, also no cake-walk. Plus, he'll pay collateral consequences for this long after parole is over. And do not forget, a plea deal here saved this child from further trauma of reliving his ordeal in court. Just pointing out other factors to consider before pointing the finger too quickly. Objectively, the DA and court did serve the people well here.

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