Scoot Coupes

Josh, on the right, and Dave Hensen show off their new Scoot Coupes that are ready to be rented at Getty Peds, 39 N. Washington St., for battlefield and area tours. Drivers must be 18 and have a drivers license. Helmets are mandatory and available. (Darryl Wheeler/Gettysburg Times)

Ever hear of a Scoot Coupe?

It almost sounds like a new ice cream dish, but it's a jazzy, three-wheel, open side-by-side two seat scooter that looks, and is, fun to drive.

With just a half-gallon of gasoline, the Scoot Coupe can go 80 miles at 30 mph. It's also easy to maneuver and is licensed for the battlefield and state roads.

"It's a new and exciting way to tour the battlefield and surrounding area without being in a cramped bus or car," said Josh Hensen who, with his dad, Dave, are the proud owners of the new scooter rentals, Getty Peds, at 39 N. Washington St., Gettysburg. The store is around the side of the Flower Boutique.

Although a recent transplant from Indiana, Josh and his wife, Jaime, are no strangers to Gettysburg.

"We started vacationing here long before our daughter, Hannah, 4, was born," he declared. "We love the area."

A U.S. Army veteran of seven years, including two years in Afghanistan, Josh was discharged in 2007 and entered the insurance business.

"I tried it for awhile, but it just didn't feel right," he said. Remembering all the times they enjoyed Gettysburg, Josh and his family and parents, Dave, a retired teacher and basketball coach, and Mindi, resettled here and went into business together.

"We rent the traditional type of scooters, but we think the Scoot Coupes are a unique and fun way to tour the town and the battlefield," said Josh. "It's more stable than the two-wheel scooter, handles well and has antilock brakes just like a car."

Rental prices for the two-wheel scooters are $10 per hour or $40 for the day, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Twilight rentals, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., are $15.

Prices for the Scoot Coupes are $30 per hour or $100 for the day, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Twilight rentals, 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., are $25.

A six percent sales tax applies to all rentals.

Getty Peds is open seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The phone number is 398-2600.

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You have GOT to be kidding!!!!.......just what we need in addition to the people on those stand up sedways (?spelling) might as well shut down Gettysburg to all traffic.......I can see someone getting seriously hurt if not killed. I have seen those sedways out on the battlefield,,,,,,,,they are a hazard to people in cars......Now we have to watch for the people jogging on one side, bike riders on another, the idiots driving in the middle of the road and now this..............I guess the next will be donkey rides too........


great...wonder how long before a terrible accident occurs....well, it won't be from speeding. This just looks like a nuisance.

What the

The segways are a problem. The line of segways is about 100 feet long, someone's going to get hit. I think the new three wheeled things might be better just because the are bigger and more like a car. Just remember you live in a TOURIST town people driving are not trying to be idiots they just have no idea where they are going. I agree the do stupid things but they bring us there $$$$$. I do love the winter when we can actully drive through town and worry about running someone over.[smile]

jackie m

ok, these two guys should really be ashamed of themselves; all you wannabe moneymakers out there, just leave Gettysburg alone; REALLY, people can get around the battlefield just fine. We don't need brightly colored "bumper cars" tooling around the roads now. Talk about ruining the experience.
IF POSSIBLE, the best way to experience a battlefield, is on foot, depending on the size and area of the grounds. As another reader mentioned, it's bad enough you gotta dodge the bikers, and bad drivers (going the wrong way, I've seen often), now these "toys"??? Help me now!!!


I have to agree these are not needed this town does not shutdown so we can have go-carts running around the streets. You people are trying to push it, I don't care if they are legal they go to slow for regular traffic (35mph) and I'm sure they will not be easy to be seen during heavy traffic times. Do you people want to kill someone well your going down that path. If you want to rent them then take them out somewhere on the Battlefield and keep them off the regular streets!!!!!!


As a Transplant you should've waited for awhile to see exactly how things go on around here all year long instead of just going and pushing this stupid deadly idea upon the local traffic. Just another example of transplants and outsiders thinking they know whats best for around here.


Oh Lord, are you serious? [scared] If the Segways weren't enough, now this? Is there no end to the silly ways to travel around the battlefield nor a limit to the ghost tours that Gettysburg will allow?????? Seems if you want to open some stupid or "driven into the ground" business then Gettysburg is the place to head to. Welcome to just another commercialized tourist trap: Gettysburg at its best. Where history goes out the window.
I thought the gazillion different ghost walks were enough but now let's see how many businesses for crazy (and what looks to be dangerous) ways to travel can be started up. [thumbdown]


I can hardly wait till a few of these get into the square on busy day...maybe they'll have ghost tours with them...just what we needed...litlle colored jelly beens riding through Hallowed Ground.

What the

I love the name "little colored jelly beans."
I can't believe they got insurance. Wait till a Jelly Bean meets a Semi-Tractor trailer in the square, something bad is going to happen. Any bets on when the 1st accident will be? I'd say 0-2 months....I'll buy the winner a lunch.


Judging by some of these comments it sounds like you people are locals who fly along the battlefield avenues at ridiculous speeds and are inconvenienced by tourists who're are trying to enjoy their vacation and doing so at the posted speed limit. Locals who use the battlefield roads as a cut through are much more a problem and danger than any tourist.


One big difference is that the Segway company gives battlefield tours using a licensed guide and the riders are always supervised. OK, that's two big differences. I've taken visiting relatives on their tour twice and it is a great way to learn about the battlefield. The headline is misleading because this new company doesn't offer tours. They just rent the three-wheelers and scooters for people to go off joyriding on their own.


What the said, "Any bets on when the 1st accident will be? I'd say 0-2 months....I'll buy the winner a lunch."

They've only been renting the Vespa-like scooters for about a month and the Park Service says that they have already been involved in at least two serious accidents.

What the

I guess the bets off then. I feel bad for anyone who get hurt on a tour regardless of vespa, segway or horse. [sad]


What skirmish or historic event took place in my neighbor hood that I some how missed within the past 40 years. Someone was racing around my cul-de-sac yesterday. not once but three times.


There are some miserable people leaving comments here. You need to realize you live in a tourist town. I love Gettysburg, the history of Gettysburg and the civil war but not everyone does. Ideas like this are what keep tourists coming back to spend their money and give people jobs in that town. If your not a history buff, there is not a whole heck of alot to do out there for fun(sad, but true). If something like this is going to help persuade my wife and teens to come out there because I would like to visit, than I'll take it. A tourist town needs to accomodate everyone not just the people that have a reason to visit. I will be there next week for the apple festival. I could care less about the festival, but my wife likes it but thinks the rest of the town is boring, so this is the compromise that alot of families have to deal with in order to visit this awesome town of yours.

Nile Grazowski

You're right "testforcho". Sounds like a good reason for a............ Not everyone is here for the history nor can they visit as often unless there are other activities for the family.

As far as these things. I saw one come over the hill by the cemetary and decide it would be cool to go over into the grass just south of the entrance. They went 4 wheeling near the graves. I nearly stopped but my kids were in the car and was not sure how to catch those little things.

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