Pennsylvania 4-H is hosting state contests a little differently this year. In the past all state contests were held at Pennsylvania State University’s main campus for three days, known to those involved in 4-H as State Days.

This year, State Days is being redesigned and contests are being held at different points throughout the summer and at different locations. One contest that falls toward the end of the summer are the Public Speaking and Presentation State Contests.

Adams County has three 4-H members attending these two contests. Baillee Crandell, 17, will participate in the Public Speaking contest with the speech topic of “The Effect of Kindness.”

Isabella Bankert, 16, and Chloe Plesic, 14, will represent the county in the Presentation contest and complete a demonstration about “Track and Field” and “Rabbit Showmanship,” respectively.

In order to qualify to participate in these contests, these three teens had to take part in the county’s Public Speaking and Presentation Night on March 25. They had to have placed with either a blue or red ribbon for a chance to attend the two state contests.

Any 4-H members participating in the State Public Speaking contest must prepare and give an original speech, on any topic, that must last for at least four minutes and 30 seconds but can be no longer than seven minutes and 30 seconds. Members participating in the Presentation contest must prepare a demonstration on a topic that must fall within a specific area, which could include, but not limited to Animal Science, Clothing and Textiles, Fitness, Engineering, or Plant Science. Demonstrations must last at least 10 minutes but can be no longer 15 minutes.

The contests will take place on Aug. 6–7 at eight locations around Pennsylvania.

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