The Federal Volunteer Brigade will hold its first-ever recruitment event on June 8-9 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Gettysburg Heritage Center, 297 Steinwehr Ave., Gettysburg.

The brigade will have an encampment at the Gettysburg Heritage Center with a weekend of drill and living history to show potential recruits the lifestyle and duties of the many different roles of a re-enactor.

The brigade is actively engaged in filling the ranks of First and Second Infantry Regiments, First Cavalry Regiment of the Potomac, Medical Department, Engineers, Provost Marshal and the Calvert Arms Fife and Drum Corps. The general public also is invited to come and meet the re-enactors, learn about the uniforms, accouterments and weapons used during the Civil War.

“The Federal Volunteer Brigade is recruiting patriots throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to answer the call of their country,” said Brig. Gen. J. Henson. “Come do your part to keep our history alive with whatever skill you bring from infantry and cavalry to medical or music. We can connect you with one of the nearly 20 companies that come from Virginia and Maryland to Delaware and Pennsylvania, who are seeking new re-enactors to join their ranks.”

All able-bodied volunteers are needed. This enlistment will be accepted for a term of “three years or until the war ends.” The Federal Volunteer Brigade will have members of many of the brigade companies at the recruitment. Re-enactors from the companies will be available to answer questions about what it takes to become a Civil War re-enactor.

The brigade will host talks about a variety of re-enactor roles and experiences. In addition, there will be demonstrations of the Manual of Arms and military drill experienced years ago by the troops during the actual conflict. As part of the Civil War encampment, potential recruits and the public will be able to learn about soldier’s lives during the war, the uniforms, accouterments and weapons used during the period.

The Federal Volunteer Brigade was formed as a living memorial, to provide living historians a means to honor the men, who fought to preserve the Union during the War of the Rebellion from 1861 through 1865, and the women and families who supported them. The brigade was formed in July 2008, after the 145th Gettysburg event. The Federal Volunteer Brigade members pledge to strive to accurately portray the lifestyle of the period, with honor, dignity and respect to themselves, each other and to the memory of those we represent. For more information on the Federal Volunteer Brigade, visit our website at

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