The following marriage licenses were on file in Adams County Court as of June 12:

Breanna E. Hann and Jacob L. Graul, both of Littlestown,

Briana L. McNally and Austin D. Green, both of Littlestown,

Leanne E. Hurtack of Manassas, Virginia and Kasey K. Kelican of Stephens City, Virginia,

Michael W. McMahan and Krystalynn R. Sines, both of Biglerville,

Katelyn E. Miller of Spring Grove and Allen M. Sant of Jessup, Maryland,

Russell J. Goldstein and Hannah M. Markell, both of Arlington, Virginia,

Jessica M. Wonder and Grayson A. Bowie, both of Littlestown,

Kathleen E. Walp and Jeffrey H. Leese, both of New Oxford,

Nathalie M. Ramirez and Kyle J. Werner, both of New Oxford,

Harley R. Burgard and Irvin L. Smith III, both of Gardners,

Brienne A. James and Justin T. Neiderer, both of Hanover,

Dedra M. Houck and Michael L. Beacham III, both of Gettysburg,

Elizabeth J. Leahy and Douglas C. Kerr, both of Severn, Maryland,

Meghan M. Conklin of York Springs and Jeffery A. Racine Jr., of New Oxford,

Ricardo M. Hernandez of Walkersville, Maryland and Daniela C. Giraldo of Sykesville, Maryland,

James S. Krysiek of Gettysburg and Bette J. Lehrman of Newton, Kansas,

Latisha R. Davis and Kurt A. Weaver, both of New Oxford,

Lacy J. Woodward and Zachary B. Leisey, both of New Oxford,

Victoria R. DiMisa and Koven L. Leatherman, both of New Oxford,

Shawn M. Beaman and Angela S. Strausbaugh, both of New Oxford,

Shawnee N. Hay and James B. Keator Jr., both of Bendersville,

Justine M. Hartlaub and William A. Irwin, both of Biglerville,

Amanda L. Pruitt of Sykesville, Maryland and Patrick G. Schmidt of Ellicott City, Maryland,

Sherry M. Weaver of York and Brian M. Rosenberg of New Oxford,

Sonya M. Barnes and Benjamin P. Martin, both of Hanover,

Robert L. Wells and Annie L. Bandy Edmunds, both of Martinsburg, West Virginia,

Kanaesha L. De Jesus and Hiam J. Fontanez Caraballo, both of Hanover,

Kayla R. Justice and Brenden L. Sigmon, both of Thomasville,

William D. Signor and Jordan N. Dye, both of Gardners,

Meagan J. Wardle and Joshua J. Lawrence, both of Abbottstown,

Nathan A. Bires and Angela R. Enck, both of Gaithersburg, Maryland,

Kelsey M. Jezierski and John R. McKenney, both of Finksburg, Maryland,

Kelly L. Hagerman and Michael D. Clouser, both of New Oxford,

Lynn E. Lusk and Jeffery H. Gohn, both of East Berlin,

Jared A. Cleveland of Frederick, Maryland and Jessica R. Hatch of Knoxville, Maryland,

Daniel J. LaBrecque and Cassandra L. Putnam, both of Arlington, Virginia,

Cheri L. Whitt and Ethan N. Bouis, both of Littlestown,

Ezequiel S. Roque and Vickie A. Richards, both of Gettysburg,

Zachary H. Coffman and Rachel A. Beahm, both of Rockville, Maryland,

Adam M. Cashman and Alicia M. Smith, both of East Berlin,

Shannon E. Weaver and Amber J. Hafer, both of Littlestown,

Andrew A. Cunningham of Nottingham, Maryland and Samantha L. Godwin of Westminster, Maryland,

Juan P. Alvarez Lopez and Evelia O. Vargas, both of Gettysburg,

Marcus W. Hoover of Union Bridge, Maryland and Susan M. Huber of Leonardtown, Maryland,

Laura L. Versage and Everett S. Sargent, both of Frederick, Maryland,

Courtney E. Riggs and Alexander E. Card, both of Gettysburg,

Lucero B. Lua and Cory V. Thompson, both of New Oxford,

Jamie M. Vancleave and Travis K. Lynch, both of New Oxford,

Lee S. Davis and Erin A. Storey, both of Harpers Ferry, West Virginia,

Arielle N. Sargent and Matthew C. Duernberger, both of Springfield, Vermont,

Martika M. Gross and Daniel L. Miller, both of East Berlin,

Riley A. Grothe and Karla J. Meiskey, both of McSherrystown,

William G. Shipley Jr. and Yvonne A. Nesbitt, both of Gettysburg,

Stephen F. Cowan Jr. and Yesli E. Estrada, both of Owing Mills, Maryland,

Brigette C. Gardner and Jonathan A. Allen, both of Gettysburg,

Maria E. Sherman and William J. Griswold Jr., both of Manassas, Virginia,

Brittany N. Yeary and Joel R. Yingling, both of Gettysburg,

Rachel E. Wessel and Andrew F. Kane, both of New Oxford,

Susan C. Werksman of East Berlin and Michael J. Hall of Venice, Florida,

William J. Farris and Jamie L. Hagy, both of Biglerville,

Andrew R. Geib and Christina N. Smith, both of Gettysburg,

Brandice K. Merson and Edward J. Colhouer Jr., both of McSherrystown,

Savannah E. Speelman and Aaron D. Thoman, both of Fayetteville.

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