The Pennsylvania Game Commission appointed David A. Carlini as its new director at the Southcentral Region office in Huntingdon.

Carlini, who has spent many of his 26 years with the game commission working in the Northcentral Region, was named director of the Southcentral Region office in mid-February.

Carlini fills the vacancy created when former region director Bradley Myers retired.

Game Commission Executive Director Bryan Burhans said Carlini, given his training and advancing through the ranks within the agency, has the experience to fulfill his new role nicely.

“Whether it be the performance of his duties as a deputy game warden and then district game warden in Clearfield County, an information and education supervisor or a conservation administration supervisor in the Northcentral Region Office, Dave has excelled in his service to the game commission and citizens of the commonwealth,” Burhans said. “He has a broad range of experience with the agency, providing a unique set of qualifications, and I’m proud to announce him as region director.”

Carlini grew up in Brockway, Jefferson County, just a few miles from the original Ross Leffler School of Conservation. He moved to Lock Haven when he was promoted to the Northcentral Region Office.

He began his game commission career when he was selected to attend the 22nd class of the Ross Leffler School of Conservation in June 1993. Upon graduation in 1994, he was assigned as a game warden in Clearfield County.

As a game warden, he also served as a field training officer for five cadet classes, a firearms instructor and a handgun and shotgun armorer.

In 2011, he was promoted to the information and education supervisor in the Northcentral Region where he served in until 2014. He later accepted the conservation administration supervisor at the Northcentral Region Office where he served until he was promoted to Southcentral Region director in February 2019.

“This region is where CWD first was detected in Pennsylvania and now it’s encompassing most of the region,” he said. “Trying to curtail the spread of CWD and our outreach efforts to educate our hunters and citizens about it is a key goal for my dedicated staff and myself.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to use my experience and knowledge to serve the sportsmen, sportswomen and citizens and protect the wildlife and wild places of the Southcentral Region,” Carlini said.

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