Friends of Legal Services volunteers Sue DeVos and Leslie Harpster with some of the 70,000 books donated for the 35th Annual Friends of Legal Services Book Sale, scheduled for this weekend at Laird Hall on the Wilson College campus in Chambersburg. The sale will run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, June 7; from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 8; and from noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 9.

Over 70,000 books will go on sale at bargain prices when the 35th Annual Friends of Legal Services Book Sale opens its doors Friday, June 7 at 9 a.m. at Laird Hall on the Wilson College campus in Chambersburg.

“Whether you are looking for a beautiful Father’s Day gift, books for summer reading, or a stock of books for your children to consume, you’ll find it at our book sale,” said said Ellen Gigliotti, the group’s president. “We invite all book lovers and bargain hunters to this wonderful community event.”

The sale will kick off with a ribbon-cutting at 8:50 a.m. on Friday, by the law firm of Diloreto, Cosentino, and Bolinger, one of the sponsors of the sale.

The sale will run from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, June 7; from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 8; and from noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 9.

The sale offers not only books of every type imaginable, but also CDs, DVDs, sheet music, artwork, puzzles, board games, books on tape, rare books, and collector’s items. Volunteers will be replenishing the tables with more books throughout the sale. Most paperbacks are just 50 cents.

The sale will feature thousands and thousands of mysteries, novels, science fiction, romance novels, children’s books, young adult books, and cookbooks. “We have a particularly large number of military books this year, including a huge collection, 7000 volumes, from the estate of Richard L. Humphrey of Shippensburg,” said Gigliotti.

“We will also have tables full of histories, literature, poetry, cookbooks, Bibles, books on religion, Christian romance, Civil War books, art, architecture, supernatural, humor, Westerns, Americana, military, do-it-yourself, home improvement, nature, hobbies, needlework, pets, politics, opinion, science, education, large print, travel, world cultures, foreign language, medicine and health, business, reference, and many other categories, all sorted by topic to make it easy to find books on particular topics.”

Sunday, June 9 is bargain bag day. From noon to 4 p.m., patrons will be able to fill a grocery sack with books of their choice for just $5.00. After three grocery sacks, the fourth is free. There are usually tens of thousands of books still available on Sunday.

There will be a table of rare books and collector’s items offered for sale by silent reserve auction. Bids will be accepted from the start of the sale through the end of the day on Saturday. This year’s bid books are:

1) The Ahiman Rezon, or Book of the Constitution of the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge Of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania …Philadelphia: Printed for the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania by Sherman & Co., 1926. Minimum bid $40.

2) Aldrich, Thomas B. Father Jerome’s Beautiful Book. Decorations by W.S. Hadaway. Boston & NY: Houghton Mifflin, Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1896. Minimum bid $60.

3) Budge, E. A. W. The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day or the Thebian Recension Of the Book of the Dead. The Egyptian Hieroglyphic Text Edited from Numerous Papyri. Volume I, chapters I-LXIV. Part of Books on Egypt and Chaldaea. London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., 1910. Minimum bid $100.

4) Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania & Near About Places. McConnellsburg, PA: C. E. Seville, 2007. Minimum bid $25.

5) Chase, Richard. Wicked John and the Devil. Pictures by Joshua Tolford. Signed by author. Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1951. Minimum bid, $30.

6) Cooper, J. M. Recollections of Chambersburg, PA Chiefly between the Years 1830-1850. Chambersburg, Pa.: A. Nevin Pomeroy, Publisher, 1900. Minimum bid $50.

7) Combined 1858 Wall Map and 1868 Atlas of Franklin Co. Pennsylvania. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, 1993. For the Franklin County Historical Society. Minimum bid $40.

8) D’Espouy, Hector. One Hundred Selected Plates from Fragments D’Architecture Antique. Vol. II. Part of The Library of Architectural Documents. NY: Pencil Points Press, Inc., 1923. Minimum bid $50.

9) Dreiser, Theodore. The “Genius.” Signature pasted in. NY: J.J. Little & Ives, 1915. Minimum bid, 100.

10) Elton, O. trans. The Nine Books of the Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus. 15 volumes. Part of Anglo Saxon Classics. Norroena, Embracing the History and Romance of Northern Europe. Anderson, E. ed. London, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Berlin, New York: Noroena Society, 1905. This is 85 of 150 of The Imperial Edition. Minimum bid 75.

11) Fortune, R. Three Years’ Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of China, including a Visit to the Tea, Silk and Cotton Countries: With an Account of the Agriculture And Horticulture of the Chinese, New Plants, etc. London: John Murray, 1847. Inscription “ Bought during the siege of Peking … 1900.” Probable first edition. Minimum bid $60.

12) Goode, Paul K. A Checklist of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Imprints from 1846 to 1876, with a Historical Introduction. Master’s dissertation from Catholic University, Department of Library Science. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University, 1960. Minimum bid $20.

13) Gutzlaff, C. Visit to the Chinese Coast, and Other Books for the Young. NY: American Tract Society, nd (1800s). Minimum bid $50.

14) Marmontel, M. Belisarius; to which are Added Fragments of Moral Philosophy. London: J. Davies, T. Smith, N. Taylor, and W. Thompson, 1786. Rebound. Minimum bid $50.

15) Meyer, M. ed. The Gnostic Gospels. The Sacred Writings of the Nag Hammadi Library, the Berlin Gnostic Codex and Codex Tchacos. London: Folio Society, 2008. Minimum bid $30.

16) Plato. Republic. The Greek Text. Jowett, B., and Campbell, L., eds. In three volumes. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1984. Minimum bid $30.

17) Rush, R., and Woods, R. Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies in the War of the Rebellion. Series I, 27 volumes. Series II, volume I only. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1894. Minimum bid $100.

18) Sayers, Dorothy. Strong Poison. Illustrations by Natacha Ledwidge. London: Folio Society, 1998. Minimum bid $25.

19) Stephenson, Harry. History of Little Pine Valley: History and Geneology of Little Pine Valley and its Residents. Signed by author. Camp Hill, PA: Plank’s Suburban Press, 1992. Minimum bid $100.

20) Thrilling Incidents of the Wars of the United States: Comprising the Most Striking And Remarkable Events of the Revolution, the French War, the Tripolitan War, the Indian War, the Second War with Great Britain, and the Mexican War. NY: Robert Sears, 1852. Minimum bid $40.

21) Tottman, Conrad. A History of Japan. Two volumes in one slipcase.London: Folio Society, 2013. Minimum bid $75.

22) Unger, Frederick F. Old Bridges of Franklin County. Mercersburg: The Mercersburg Journal, 1941. Minimum bid $75.

23) U.S. Navy, Training Division, Bureau of Aeronatics. Air Navagation. Seven parts. Part of Flight Preparation Training Series. NY, London: McGraw Hill, 1943. Minimum bid $60.

24) Wills of Franklin County, Pennsylvania 1784-1826. Book A. Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications for the Franklin County Historical Society, 1994. Minimum bid $25.

The sale is possible because of the work of over a hundred volunteers who collected, sorted, and priced books all year, and the many local businesses that served as collection sites. The law firm of DiLoreto, Cosentino, and Bolinger, F&M Trust, M&T Bank, Orrstown Bank, and Volvo Construction Equipment are sponsors of the sale, having provided generous financial support for it.

Parking is free at Wilson College during the sale, but patrons should follow the parking signs and the directions of officers who will be stationed in parking areas. Lunches, snacks, baked goods, and coffee will be sold throughout most of the sale. Proceeds of the sale help provide legal services to local low-income residents and victims of domestic violence.

The organization is also seeking volunteers to help transport, sort, price, and box books for the 2020 sale, to help set up the sale and clean up afterwards, and to staff the sale. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Gloria Keener at (717)262-2326.

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