4-H Overnight Camp

4-H OVERNIGHT CAMP — Adam’s County 4-H members and volunteers at Camp Eder are shown, from left: Back row: Robert Toms, Amanda Woerner, Brienna Crandell, Amanda Hollabaugh, Makayla Keller, Caroline Bannak, Lily Bannak, Jake Bankert, Isabella Bankert, Vivian Lamo, Kim Woolcock; Middle row: Stephanie Green, Chloe Plesic, Brooke Crandell, Emma Varga, Emory Millar-Kellner, Vivian Millar-Kellner, Baillee Crandell, Hannah Green, Janessa Stevenson, Sarah Wessel; Front row: Amelia Varga, Mia Varga, Mason Mentzer, Sophie Taylor, Abigail Brown, Ella Lady, Camyrn Beinhaur , Oliver Millar-Kellner, Walter Wukovitz. Not pictured: Claire Long

Adams County 4-H members had a ‘super’ time at this year’s 4-H Regional Overnight Camp near Fairfield.

Campers had a blast participating in workshops that were planned around a Super Hero theme. “Green Arrow’s Target” with 4-H Educator Darlene Resh, allowed the campers to practice handling air rifles and to learn more about the 4-H shooting sports projects. Through the workshop “Aquaman’s Adventure,” run by 4-H Educators Carolyn McGraw and Whitney Smith, campers practiced their skills casting fishing lines and learned about the water cycle and animal superpowers.

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