The Eisenhower Inn
The Eisenhower Inn & All-Star Sports Complex along Business 15 in Cumberland Township.

The state’s Gaming Control Board unanimously rejected a request Wednesday morning by Gettysburg-area casino developers to reconsider a licensing process that was called unfair and flawed.

As a result, investors behind the denied Mason Dixon Resort & Casino in Cumberland Township may appeal to the Pennsylvania  Supreme Court. 

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Former Gettysburger

Those of you folks who don't have the wits to understand odds can now just buy a case of beer and light fire to a few extra $20s you have around.

You'll get a lot more beer for the money, and if you burn 3 or 4 20s, it'll still be a lot cheaper than gambling.

Plus, instead of boasting that you were dumb enough to go to the casino, you can boast about how you're so rich that burn money for fun.


WA...WA.... Can we get over this?????? How about getting good jobs in the area?????

Proud American

It would appear the Mason Dixon Casino’s premeditated intent of their particular brand of power of intimidation establishing their dated deadline to the Gaming Commission members never accomplished was it was calculated to do. Apparently this was accompanied by a lapse of better judgment. So what’s next for the investors of the Mason Dixon, curry a few a favors with current members of the State Supreme Court judicial system with some lucrative incentives in an attempt to motivate and cultivate them to see things their way? Is their personal backyard battlefield biker and casino haven that important to them to the extent of just what rancorous and acrimonious tactics they’ll resort to next?


Wasn't the original vote something like 7 to nothing against? I could see fighting a closely split vote but this is akin to spitting in the ocean to raise the water level.


What planet do these guys live on? They finished tied for last in the voting - they cannot EVER win this. Guys - you lost, you got creamed, you did not get one single vote from the Board. Not one vote! You need to support (or not object to) the decision so that other people besides you can have jobs. I know its nice to act like all you care about is the good people of Adams County, but its getting a bit old at this point and we know there is only one thing you really care about. Today's pathetic overreaching display proves that. Another shut out. But right now you are standing in the way of jobs in Pa. Stand out of the way - please.


Sit down already.


La Torre, Levan, on to the next Planet!


LeVan needs to take this to the Pa. Supreme Court. That's the only way the allegations of corruption will be proven.

Lets see, the Gaming Board chose Louis Denaples over LeVan in 2006 for a license, and Denaples is in jail.

They chose Joe Hardy over LeVan for the license this year, and oh by the way, Hardy also happens to be a top political donor.

Proud American

Maybe take to the U.S. Supreme. And if no luck there, LeVan and company can petition The International Court of Justice in The Hague. Who knows, perhaps there may be a court somewhere on this big blue marble that may listen to them.


LeVan's Folly just keeps on giving.


Proud American, where did you heard it was going to the U.S. Supreme Court? Appeals of Pa. licensing decisions go to the Pa. Supreme Court, and they have upheld every decision.

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