Pilot brings normalcy

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

On our walk today, I heard the familiar sound of the mystery aircraft coming to practice aerial aerobatics over the Gettysburg countryside.

When we returned from our walk, my wife handed me an article from the Gettysburg Times that she had saved for me on the pilot, Pete Loevinger. I enjoyed the article and finding out about the man who has brought me much enjoyment watching from my front lawn. My Dad and I went to airshows for many years and aerobatics were always a part of the show. He also had aircraft practicing maneuvers over his house in Potter/McKean County, except they were A10 Jet Aircraft, i.e. the Warthog, from the Air National Guard. He would call me up at tell me all about what he saw, which usually turned into an hour-long discussion on aircraft. I haven’t been to an airshow in several years as my Dad developed Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2016. I know from the article that there are mixed reviews on his frequent practices, but for me the familiar sound of the engine and watching the plane dance in the sky is a connection to a bond between father and son. On 9/11, I remember looking up in the sky and not seeing any jet trails where there were usually many and it made real to me the magnitude of the crisis we were facing.

With the Covid-19 Virus at a crisis point, looking up to the sky when I hear the engine of Pete’s Extra brings a little bit of normalcy to the day. Thank you, Pete and next time you’re up there, do a Hammerhead for me.

Terry Manning,


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