Stay safe and isolated

Editor, Gettysburg Times,

In the New York Times today, Nicholas Kristof continues his study of the course of the worldwide corona virus pandemic. It is well worth reading.

“America and South Korea reported their first Covid-19 cases on the same day, but South Korea took the epidemic seriously, promptly created effective testing, used it widely and has seen cases go down more than 90% from the peak. In contrast the US and President Trump repeatedly dismissed the corona virus, saying it was under control and that he wasn’t concerned at all.” We lost valuable time (2 months) addressing the issue of our health while he worried about the stock market and yes, jeopardizing our economy.

It is beyond time for Trump to step aside and let the health care professionals with scientific researchers direct our campaign to hopefully flatten the peak, protect our first responders at urgent care centers, ERs, hospitals, nursing homes, etc with the protective gear they need. Passing bills to provide for a rush to provide equipment, isolation locations for those infected, more critical care facilities, etc. Instead Trump has urged “trickle down” funding to big companies like airlines and cruise ships that will not reach the “worker bees” the people most impacted by a forced quarantine. These are our neighbors, friends, and families with no sick time or adequate health insurance and stand to lose their homes from lack of rent or mortgage money.

Demand our legislators learn from this farcical situation and act to prevent similar failures in the future. Strengthen Public Health (not weaken it) and fight for Universal Health Care.

Stay safe and isolate for now.

Elizabeth T. Wood, MD,


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